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Just call me Wiki; it's a nickname my Biology teacher gave me.
Fav canon chars are Ni, Sarabi, Vitani and Tama, and sometimes Mheetu and on occasion Kula. Sarabi means 'Mirage', and she's just totally awesome.

CANON-BASED COMIC SERIES (I know it needs a better title):

-Vitani's daughter is raised without parents and is determined to continue her grandmother and grandfather's work, beginning by killing Simba and uncle Kovu!

-Erevu's children are grown up and seeking revenge. Eupe seems to be the pride's only hope, but can he stop his hulking brother?

-Hyenas return to the pridelands accompanied by a few clever jackals, and a small pride of Ngorongoro crater lions led by a ferocious dark king follows them to pride rock. Kovu knows he will be defeated, but can he save the pride nonetheless?

-At last a time of absolute peace has befallen the pridelands untill a strange adolescent who claims to have been raised by zebras (!) arrives seeking help to stop the herd and his 'mother' being hunted, and falls in love with a pride reject. Their love is forbidden. They must overcome the wrathful Jua and greedy Radi. Woooo.

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12:26 Wed 6/30/2010
Gimp and Photoshop are relatively similar. of course, GIMP is free, and so the quality is slightly less than photoshop. it's a little different to use. BUT if you can't afford photoshop, GIMP is a great back up program.

08:29 Sun 3/28/2010
I am working on a drawing of a Wild dog, will post today later.

20:27 Mon 3/1/2010
^ Lol beat me to it XD

Click that link, and then "TLK Comics" is the album you want. :)

Edit: Here's a myLK screenshot of "Saraw" that has more muted DVD colors: The one Psychara gave you I recognized from Tima's character guide, and if you haven't seen that I recommend you take a look:

14:02 Mon 3/1/2010
18:21 Tue 2/16/2010
Jantar McPaws
Hey, there! I don't know what you've figured out about Btu, but I think it would be easiest if you remove him from the TT and then put him back up for me, if it's not too much trouble?

21:47 Thu 1/7/2010
yes, 1024 is what most tablets have its very good.
and make sure to DL JTablet too. it will help. (google JTablet) xD
unless you have a mac. lol

hope i helped.

13:05 Tue 1/5/2010
Hello, I did say that I'd check your gallery out from GOF.

Very nice art you have here. Keep it up.:)

21:07 Sun 12/27/2009
Heylo there. You're from NZ too? Epic.
I like your arts, keep it up. :)
EDIT: Thank you :) Had a pretty hot christmas too, we all ate outside under a massive umbrella-thing, but it was still sweltering! We eventually collapsed inside with the air-con on full blast XD

14:55 Wed 12/23/2009
Thanks for becoming my fan ^^ Your art is awesome too.

19:45 Tue 12/22/2009
Hey!! :3

I saw your comment on Chosen's gallery and now that I am also owner you have my perrmison to make a Tranwae :3

Just follow the info on the ref that chosen made plz :3


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