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Hey, im open for some more trades.. its im waitng to get some and i still have some but ill take a couple more :) anyhay enjoy my gallery

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18:13 Wed 10/26/2011
Hey! Like the others, I've seen you bulletin :D Wanna do a trade?

edit: Great! :D No prob ^^ Kyran or Karu? The one you like best ^^

Edit: Hey V, I can't remember if we finally did that trade we wanted to do.. And the chars you wanted to adopt from me are yours ;) Sorry for the very late reply..

17:42 Sun 6/5/2011
the mouse is not hard to learn to use to draw. there are also free programs online that are like photoshop.

21:55 Wed 3/2/2011
Sadie J
I'm down for a trade if you are? :)

16:28 Thu 12/2/2010
Hello, firstly I wanted to apologise for not responding properly and just saying ''i've left the archive''...wanted to move away but the archive has a way of bringing people back. XD

Anyway, if you are still up for a canon art trade let me know. You said you wanted me to draw you Nala? Unless this has changed, then let me know and I'll start it when I return home from university. If you are still up for one, I don't mind who you choose to do for a canon trade.:)

17:03 Tue 6/22/2010
Blazing Black Mage
Hello there. :3 I saw Samulon was on the TT again and I actually tried to get him back the last time he was on it xD haha, I was his original owner before the person you adopted him from, and I've rather missed him, would it be ok if you could give him back to me since he's on the TT again? :)

By the way, beautiful gallery :D I really like your colouring style. <3

08:14 Mon 1/11/2010
Hey :D
your art is really cute! You can go ahead and have the little adoptable on the TT. But if you dont want it thats fine :o

12:42 Thu 1/7/2010
Cool art :D
Plez pop by my gallery sometime :D

02:05 Sun 11/22/2009
I love your art and mayb u and me can do a trade when ur done being grounded :)

06:47 Sun 11/1/2009
Hi, I saw your bulletin about "alternative" prides, so here's an idea - how about a pride run by a single female (or sisters?), like the Lion Queen? ^^
Or perhaps a pride which is made up of a male and female from each different African cat species?
Hope this gave you some ideas & see you around sometime,
Chouca =D

20:38 Thu 10/29/2009
Hey, sweet! First comment! Welcome to the archive. I saw your bulletin, and I need some sort of inspiration on what to draw next. Wanna do a trade?

Only one thing: if you want me to do a canon pic, I'll do any char but cub Simba. I simply can't draw him; admittedly, I do need practice if I want to get good, but I'd rather not submit it to another artist. ^^ That said, lay it on me! What should I draw?

EDIT: Okay, sure. Aaaaaand, um... can you draw my char Nazu? ^^

EDIT 2: Lol so many edits now! Anyway, you posted another bulletin and I just wanted to say that usually, if you go on dA, just go to the Resources and Stock Images category>Tutorials and then type in whatever you want to learn how to do. Usually, there will be a whole ton of tuts on whatever you want. And, if you have any specific questions, just ask me and I'll see if I can help. =)

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