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<font size=4><center>"My son, listen to your father’s instruction, and don’t forsake your mother’s teaching:

for they will be a garland to grace your head, and chains around your neck."</font>
<br>Prov 8 - 10

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<font size=3>I am Roman Catholic and proud!</font>
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Trades: Open

I owe:
Sengala (Alpha Wolf)
Kojo (Crazy Feline)

Requests: CLOSAD.

Welcome to my gallery!</center>

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Alright, guys, I'm back! Officially now.

Oct. 11, 2012
Hi there! I saw you used to have some chars on Ulaya. I RP there, and just wanted to say hi and that you should come back!

July 14, 2011
Magenta Hyena
Hi! I'm sorry I havent replied before now. Between Finals, camps, working out how to use the archive, and being a super noob since I joined :P. But, yea I would LOVE to do an art trade sometime! LOVE your art btw!

-Magenta Hyena-

July 7, 2011
Hiya Underscore :)

July 2, 2011
*Mist Wolf*
Hi, Underscore!

It's mistwolf from Shadowlands! Love your drawings. You're a great artist! And we Shadowlands people need to stick together, right? =)

May 8, 2011
You draw so cool!:)
Draw Wolf:D
For many years, nearly 5, I've been on this archive, and it's been really fun. For at least the past 3 you've been on my favorite's list, and I'm glad you have been. You're one of my biggest inspirations, and I'm happy to see each upload from you.
I really hope you continue to keep drawing for many more years!:)

I working on picture of your hyena fursona for your Art Contest:)

EDIT:can you drow me as a hyena for my art contest?^______________^

April 17, 2011
Audrey Cosmo

Thank you for your comment!
Your art's great too!
And another griffin lover? I'd love to see that comic you're talking about! :)


April 9, 2011
Sadie J
I'm loving your art! Let me know if you wanna do a trade. :)
EDIT: I can do your fursona Aberash. Question; does her body have any specific markings or is she all over the same color?

March 27, 2011
Hi :D I've just red you are searching somebody to make an Art Trade with you. Maybe you'd like to make one with me?

EDIT: Okay, can be Madness ^^ I'm gonna draw Falco, okay?

Feb. 9, 2011
wanna do a trade?
can you draw diego please hes my first luim

Jan. 25, 2011
Thanks for welcoming me so nicely! I like your style too; realistic and cartoony (if that even is a word...) at the same time. Nice work, keep it up!

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