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After lurking on and off for about 5 years I've finally decided to join TLKFAA now that I have means to scan my art. ^^ About time! Sooo about me... I'm a little on the shy side, but I'm a nice person, so if you wanna get to know me, drop me a message! =3

I'm currently a full-time college student, going to school in lovely San Francisco, working on getting into nursing school. When I'm not in class, working on school-related things, or hanging out with the wonderfully fantastic girl I'm so lucky to call my soulmate, you can bet working on my art!

So come by, look around, and maybe drop me a comment! I enjoy hearing from you friendly people!

Here's some little fun facts about me:

- I'm a vegetarian, and have been for about 6 years

-I got early access into Pottermore, and the sorting hat placed me in Hufflepuff!

-When I was 4 or 5, I went through a phase where I would watch Lion King almost every day for months.

-I saw TLK in 3D when it was re-released here in September of 2011. It was one of the most magical moments of my life. I was crying less that 2 minutes into the movie. XP

-I have a wonderful girlfriend (yes, I am female too), and we've been together since summer of '09. She's been in my life since we were 11, she's my best friend, and someday, when it's legal here in California, she'll be my wife. <3

-I have SO MANY characters, and all these well thought out, interesting plots in my head, all related and intertwined with TLK and TLK2, and maybe some day I'll make an extensive comic/graphic novel or just write them all out. Someday...

-I've been drawing TLK consistently since I was about 12. I have TONS and TONS of notebooks filled with old, crappy drawings of TLK characters, as well as my own lion characters. They'll probably never make it on the Archive. I may upload a couple just to show how much I've improved over the past few years.

-Most of my characters and plot lines you'll see here in my work have been years in the making. These characters and ideas have become a huge part of me now.
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