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Hey :3

much more active here if you wanna see my college stuff cx --
welcome to my gallery! my names Gemma, but just call me Ty c:

I'm a 19 year old from Essex who loves to draw lions, I draw them too much ;.;

All my pictures are done on MS paint or paper
Updated: Dec. 21, 2016, 4:27 a.m.

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Formerly known as Titanic~

19:06 Sun 12/20/2015
Oh no, I just realized that I butchered your character's colors! D:
I'm so terribly sorry, would you like something different to make up for that?

16:04 Mon 11/2/2015
hi there Ty :3
really sorry for my lack of comments though...
next, I wanted to ask if you'd like me to make you anything.
Just wanted to be nice :)

edit: hm, I think I can try :3
what kind of captain's hat though? (I don't want to mess it up xD)
I will try to comment more often, but currently I am not sure how much I can be on for :c

08:30 Thu 10/22/2015
Midnight Darky 22
Hello there!

15:13 Sun 4/12/2015
Can't believe I've never left a comment here ^-^;

Anyway, I love your art, Ty. You have a beautiful style and wonderful OCs. I've just took a peek at your older work, and I can say that you have improved massively over the years that you've been here. And you're continuing to improve. <333

Also I just checked your profile. Your birthday is close to mine (mine is May 29th) xD

Just saw your bulletin about a cheetah rp! I'd really like to join, and help if you want me to help. I don't really know much about setting up a site-wide roleplay though xD

I have a pretty interesting cheetah char called Tiaret (known as Tia). :3 She's not on here, though. But she is on a different site (My Lion King).
Here is her bio and picture:

04:13 Fri 1/23/2015
Hi :D So you asked if we could do an art trade, remember? :) Well, I'm willing to do one now if that's ok with you! ^^

EDIT: Ok, I'll do those two ^^

20:09 Tue 10/21/2014
Hey there :D Thanks for requesting the icon I have up on the TT! May I please know what color background/clouds you want?

Edit: haha it's okay :) I'll start on it anyways

04:13 Sat 5/10/2014
Hey! :) I'm R_Geby, and to answer you question on my profile comments, I do accept requests. Feel free to give me one.
Peace be with you. :)

13:40 Tue 3/18/2014
EDIT: I really hope your hand gets better Ty!
~Charry <3

18:12 Wed 2/5/2014
Just a quick message to let you know your icon is all done and waiting for you. I just wont really have much time to let you know later if you did not see it. :)

18:47 Fri 1/31/2014
Hi Ty,

I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to step down as Jungle Pride Leader.
I need someone who can and will be active because the job of Leader is such an important one.
If you want, you are welcome to stay in ALoP as a member or rogue, slots open tomorrow.

Thank you :)

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