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Update 02/28/14
Woah I remember this place and oh god the art scares me but I mean whatever I'll keep it up. College has taken over my life. Yup.


Okay, I'm like, dead here. Go here instead ->

Update 9-30-2011

Well yeah, haven't uploaded anything here in how long? P: Really branched off from drawing lions, but if I do draw one I'll put it here. As it is though life's busy~

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Thanks to everybody who is a fan ^^
If your invisable you don't have to be, i'm not going to scream it out to the world that you're a fan.

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Hey =3

I don't draw many lions etc. any more; If you want to actually see art from me, you're gonna have to go here:

Otherwise, I don't really have much to say :'D
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