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Twilight Vampire

I know ive been unbeleivable inactive, but ive drawn everyday and my style has changed so much and im going to do a mass upload asap so all of my fans (listed below; check them out!) can see them, thanx! ~Torquil

<BLOCKQUOTE><CENTER>Trades/Requests: Always open, just see very bottom for info.

Thank you for visiting my page! ; 3

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Alynx, FrozenYogurt, Jess, Neon Liger, Shadow Spot, Kovah, Pinkyu, PanthaKat, Ninja Fox (Kaurau), Kamakari Malfoy, Toraz, Taki, Kazuko-san, NightMare, Mint, Xenon Vampire, Jamelia, Kovuara2, Chpio, $Nikki$Shada$, Cinor Cent, NSK_Neko, deja, MadnessKekerlaken, ToungeTiedProphet, Janter Mcpaws, Xinn, JKgraphics, TamberElla, MadHatter, Art is a BANG, hm!, ninny, Sharra, Tanara, Snow Leopard 3000, Simba1994, kumaki, nightmare^the^Vampire, Maquenda, SnowTigress (MHC), Aqua/Sequoia Lioness, JazzSpark, flikkun, Brit, Rarsa, AlexusLioness, theonlycourtney, Scarla, X_TIRGA, MeerkatQueen, Starkiller, and 5 invisibles, thants 73!!! I wouldn't do this if it weren't for you guys!!!

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I really need to change my banner... any ideas?

<CENTER><H2>All of my pictures mean alot to me, so if you want to trace my pictures, use them as your own, Feel free. Just know that I will have to kill you. Just kidding, you can not touch my pictures. You may use them in blogs, as screensavers, backgrounds, or anything like that, just as long as you give me credit and leave a link.</H2>

<H4>Please leave comments, request pictures and anything you want!!!</H4>

just don't steal stuffs...
you don't know how many people have done that!!! = (

If you want to place a request/trade, you need to send me an email at
Subject: (Artist name), request/trade(pick one)
Body: What do you want me to create for you? I will do up to four characters in any background doing just about anything. You MUST send references!!!
I will do <I>simple</I> animations too!</H4>

When you see me in sketcher, in chat, say: 'Stop laughing it hurts you dickhead!' and you will get a free request!
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Hello! My name Is Torquil Alison Z_______.
Usually I sit at my computer starring at this little white box, with my mind full of pudding, thinking of what to write so that I wont sound stupid,
But today, I think Ive got it...
wait, what?
Yeah, i've still got no clue to what Im doing.
Have fun viewing my pictures and dont be afraid to ask for pictures or advice.

I am almost always in sketcher, so if you see me tell me, "Stop laughing, it hurts you dickhead!!!" You will get a free request!
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