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~Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't wanna live there~

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Hey! I'm Blu! You can also call me TB, Lukio, or Spectre 7 😎 I love to draw (obviously) and I love to jam out to music while doing so. I draw traditional and digital. I use a drawing program called Sketchbook pro (I recently got the pro version 😊) and I love/hate it. It's very easy and fun and the best I can use on my computer, but it doesn't make my art look as good as it would on photoshop or procreate. That's why I sometimes move over to traditional drawing to escape the stress of my digital art looking awful 😂
I do love the lion guard, I'm not super far off from the target age range so some of it actually makes me laugh. My absolute FAVORITE show EVER right now is the "science-fiction drama" Star Wars Rebels, which is literally the awesomest show ever to exist ever. But now and really mad at it because they left Ahsoka's fate open ended and confusing! But, still in love.
" you always change the subject when I start winning!" - Ezra
Yeeeaaaah okay. I also love the clone wars and I'm probably gonna also watch the Big Hero 6 show when that comes out in 2017 😎
My favourite music varies so much. I love Owl city and christian music and generally electronic and alternative and I also enjoy the popular music that plays on the radio. Whenever I'm feeling sad or something I like to listen to Sky Sailing (Adam Young's pre-Owl City project) 🌈
My favourite movie is duh, the lion king 1 and 2. I also like Brother bear, Spirit, and stuff like that. Any movie with animals really.🐾 Oh yeah, also Big hero 6 and Star Wars!
My favorite characters ever are:
Ezra Bridger
What if one day, you woke up and you were a chicken nugget
Random Facts:
•I do have a crush on a Disney character (don't we all?)
•I love to make music videos
•My favorite lion king character is Jasiri
•If I could have anything as a pet I would have a Tiger.
•My favorite color is red
•Sleepwalker by owl city and Derek Fuhrman is my favorite sang and it never was officially released haha
•At school whenever The Lion King is mentioned everyone looks at me XD
•Learning languages is literally my hobby

I really love to get comments and faves!
Thanks for checking out my gallery!

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