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Not much to say, except, new stuff is mostly on dA right now, and Atimon, you're still my favorite.

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Hello there, I'm Bianca. You are hereby witness to whatever insane mental state I existed in several years ago, sorry about that. Nowadays I mostly just do Timon doodles, as he is still my favorite character out of, uh, everything. I also like to draw Atimon's character Res. c: And, um, I'm planning on studying other TLK characters so as to properly draw them...who knows, someday I might actually upload some new stuff here.

01:18 Sun 5/24/2009
OMG I LOVE your art! You have some really awesome work there; keep it up! *Faves you* ;)


17:14 Tue 2/26/2008
You've got nice pictures! :)

20:51 Sat 8/26/2006
hey, thanks for faving me!! i really like your art. please keep on drawing!

15:56 Sun 4/16/2006
hi, and welcome to TLKFAA!!!all your pics of Timon is absolutly awesome!!!keep it up and draw a lot of more!!!can't wait to see more;)

P.s. see mine*hug from catta*

Update: hello again:D nice new works!!:D it's really worth the sight^^ hehe.. keep up the beautifull work^^ cya around:) byee

come and say hi sometime!!:D i would love it:)

07:13 Tue 4/4/2006
<font color=orange><b>Hey! Your art is Brilliant! Cant wait to see more!

Feel free to stop by my gallery some time


19:22 Sat 3/4/2006
ccan you please color ntalla before i make an icon? i garantee i will not reach her in the next 2 hours at the most. and your art kicks!!!!!!!!!

20:12 Mon 2/6/2006
I love your style! Us meerkat artists have to stick together. ^_^ *favs*

Oh, and I'd be thrilled if you wanted to do a trade. Get back to me! ^_^

10:31 Thu 1/19/2006
I like your art!it´s very creative!
Keep it up!

09:34 Sun 12/18/2005
Hey there I heard you were givin away mulitiple chars. Ive also sent u and e-mail about this but could i adopt the whole of the Shatongi Clan please? And also, could u send me a few colour sheets for them because i can't seem to find them in your folders. thank you very much,

13:32 Fri 12/9/2005
Hiya nice art!
P.s: dont worry about the no- comment thing. i'm the same. i think i have two comments on three of my pictures...i think.:)
Keep uploadin!

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