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Finally got my computer working again. :B So expect some new uploads and actual descriptions in my character section, haha. X3 I'm hoping to get my gallery all spiffy sometime soon with possibly a new banner and maybe a nice things in here as well. I maybe need a helping paw to figure it all out, but that's my goal for this year. ^_^

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My poor little Yoshi puppy died of possible Heartworm far from me on the other side of the Pacific..... <:'C She was like a mirror to my soul. I'll miss her so much.... </3

Art Trades:will ALWAYS be open! :D
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1.Spazz~ Thomas
2.Wulf~ Lonely Chumvi n' Tojo
3.Pinky Heart~ Mix (redoing)
7.ZefiButt&#9829;~ Sitas n' Simba (lineart finsihed)

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Totoma here. :) I’ll add more infor here later. My last one I wrote when I was in High School was long winded and so stupid, haha.

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