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Brushs that I use in some of my art belong to:
Grass (c) Charfade and Katikut
Clouds/Rock Texture (c) Obsidian Dawn

I'm open for mouse character requests on the TT! :DDDDD


1. OPEN - Their Half {} My Half {}
2. OPEN - Their Half {} My Half {}

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Welcome to Titan's art gallary! Don't be shy to drop a comment! -pokes User Comments section-
Thank you iWannaBunny for the help with cutting up my banner! :)

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Awesome chibi Ti made by kitchiki! ^^

Newest Pictures:

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Aug. 13, 2010, 12:54 p.m.
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Jan. 27, 2010, 8:15 p.m.
Pictures 408
Characters 26
Joined Nov 3, 2009
First Upload Jan 23, 2010
Latest Upload Dec 3, 2010
Age/Birthday Apr 15, 1996 (age 23)
Gender Female
Location Newlands
Occupation Student
IM Contact
Website http://titan-reus.deviantar...
Accepting Requests or Commissions No
Rawr. :K

Favorite Movie: Fantastic Mr Fox & Grease
Favrite Cartoon: Adventure Time! =D
Favorite Band: Coldplay
Favortie Genre of Music: Oldies/Rock
Favortie Artist on Here: Too many to type here ^^'
Tools of Use: Photoshop CS4
Favortie Places: Upstate & nice parts of the city.
Favorite Places to Eat: Frence, Italian, cafes, and (nice) Diners.

~ To my watchers, you guys are awesomeeeee! Thank you so much for faving me. <3 to everyone, even you invisible man fans! Couldn't do it without all my great friends on here! ^^ ~

Hello :) I'm Titan. Nice to meet you. -shakes hand- Welcome to my gallery! :) Please don't be shy to drop a comment, request, or trade offer on me. I love doing trades, requests and collabs. Catch me on the sketcher, and I'd love to join you for one.

I like...
-Coldplay <3
-The Beatles :)
-Flavor Blasted Goldfish ^^
-Old Movies
-50s, 60s, & 80s music
-Vintage things!
-Photoshop CS4 (Got if for my birthday last month and I <3 it)
-All my characters
-Walking dogs at the shelter
-Meh fluffy little dog! (Who we adopted two years ago!)
-My new adopted kitten, Chello!
-The fall & winter
-Reading (Yes, yes, I do)
-Movie: Fantastic Mr. Fox (BEST movie ever.)
-Laughing, funny things, inside jokes

I like alot of older music from as early as the 1940s. I like mostly music from the 50s, 60s, and 80s. And some 70s! :D I also like alot of older movies, most being comedy. I also like vintage EVERYTHING.

I also love claymation movies, and Tim Burton movies. <3 I love movies, and will not let up the chance to see one. But if it's bad, beware! Critique will follow! :D Seeing I don't like most movies that come out these days, no one is safe!

I love meh characters to death! >:U They are the reason I upload so much on this site. ^^ I love to create new story lines, write new stories, and add characters to my plots. My story will soon be in written form, I just need to organize all my characters! *hussles characters into pen*


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