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Update: January 12th 2017
Thank you to everyone who voted:

Welcome To My Gallery.

If you make it this far on my page, awesome. I appreciate you clicking to see more. To show my appreciation the first person to see this and send me a PM with a working reference picture of ONE of your characters you wish me to draw will get a free picture from me of your character. How's that. :) As long as this is still up you are probably the first as I have not taken it down. So what are you waiting for, pick a character of yours you would like to see me do and send me the info. (Oh of course please let me know you saw my announcement about the free art. So I know where you saw it.) ;)

(This offer is for digital art only.)
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2007-07-01 20:33:07.0
Street Paintings
My First 3D Chalk Painting of Timitu.
(My Comment: I am WAY too tired. My fingers are cut up... I need some sleep. Hope you all love it as much as I loved Making it. Any Questions feel free to ask. I am a real professional Street Painter as of Today.)
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2006-08-07 18:21:23.0
Street Paintings
At 13 Feet Tall and 8 feet wide (or roughly thoese measurments) this is the largest chalk drawing I have done. It took me 3 LONG days in the hot sun to do. It was for Imadon Street Painting Preformance (Esxpressions in Chalk) in London Ontario Canada :) This picture is for a wonderful artist here, BeeKay84. Check out her art. She is such a nice person, and certinly deserves this picture and all the hard work I put into it. (Thank you for being a Fan)
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2006-10-02 12:39:01.0
I coloured this in Sound class. I will put the full version up tonight when I get home. I am done class for the day but I dont know when I am going to go home. But this is Levar and Scar if anyone needs help with colour ideas if anyone was going to try colouring my line art. (I changed it a bit... sorry. LOL. I know I said not to. But it just did not work. But that will make any one that you guys colour special compaired to this one. :) )
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2006-12-20 18:20:52.0
The full picture from book three of Nora's story. Nora and Levar talk. Anyone who is interested in reading her story you can find it at the following links. (Yep book three was just released so there is new story to read for thoese of you who have already read the first two.)

Book 1:
Book 2:
Book 3:
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2006-08-05 08:16:17.0
Street Paintings
Click on this picture... you will NOT be disapointed. In fact I made $50 yesterday from people passing by. And still this morning my dad says people are still stopping and looking at it saying WOW that is amazing. I really wanted to share this with you as it is the largest one I have done yet as you can see me working on it. (it is done with a pastel chalk and is my character Timitu with his grandchildren who are QuachirMayah's characters. Now I am off to do one for BeeKay84)
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2008-03-03 09:07:55.0
Moson sees the Ghost of his dead mother, but does he know who she really is? Only time will tell.

(Go to my DA account to see it full size it looks much better full size.)
438 x 458
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2007-08-08 23:34:03.0
Cub Levar. It was almost too good to post but I fixed it a bit. :) A happy moment when he was alive. Probbly got his eye on Sarafina or something.(Weird how when I cant draw anything else somehow I can draw him.)
574 x 411
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2007-06-05 15:32:19.0
Lighting... (I have Tutorials in waiting but I just liked this little collection.) I never took art class, I learned how to creat mood and lighting from my 7 years of theater, on stage and back stage. If you think this is interisting be sure to check out my tutorials that at in waiting to be uploaded now.
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2014-06-13 17:32:55.0
Kovu and Kiara cuddle. :) A semi recreation of an older picture I had. Only a few things are changed I just inked it and made it fit these characters. This is also on the trading tree as I have been waiting since May to get this done as an icon for anyone that wants one.
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