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Update: January 12th 2017
Thank you to everyone who voted:

Welcome To My Gallery.

If you make it this far on my page, awesome. I appreciate you clicking to see more. To show my appreciation the first person to see this and send me a PM with a working reference picture of ONE of your characters you wish me to draw will get a free picture from me of your character. How's that. :) As long as this is still up you are probably the first as I have not taken it down. So what are you waiting for, pick a character of yours you would like to see me do and send me the info. (Oh of course please let me know you saw my announcement about the free art. So I know where you saw it.) ;)

(This offer is for digital art only.)
Updated: 2017-01-12 20:04:02.0
Click me!
2017-12-14 14:33:45.0
Final sneak peek of my project before I officially announce it early next month. (First week of January sometime.)

On a related note, I have a contest going on if anyone is interested... check it out.
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2017-11-19 16:48:02.0
16 Years of Progress
Every 4 years I recreate the first picture I ever made of my main character, Timitu.
You can watch me create the newest one here:
(2013 also has a video on my YouTube Channel if you look in the "Artwork Folder"

Also LAST CALL FOR THE SECRET SANTA. Sign ups close by the end of the day on November 20th. Information about sign up stuff is at the link below. If you are not a member of Lilymud you can e-mail me your sign up information. The link below will have my e-mail address in it.
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2017-11-01 13:31:05.0
Old vs New
The very first strip of my comic back when it was supposed to be a weekly comic strip posted on here. After a long break when I returned it became a weekly comic page and it is now finished Chapter 3 with 70 pages. (Chapter 4 will come out late next year, and there will not be as large of a gap between Chapter 4 and Chapter 5.)
So anyway this is what that first comic strip would have looked like with the current skill level of the comic pages from Chapter 3.

The comic so far can be read in full here:
Or Here:
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2017-10-29 18:09:59.0
Happy 10th to Moson's Comic
The official birthday of my comic was technically October 1st 2007 when I posted the first picture for it on this website. But it was 10 years ago today that the first page was put together for it and posted on DA. This is a remake of the first picture you see in the comic. There is now 70 pages to the comic and chapter 1,2 and 3 are available to read on here in the Moson's Comic folder. Thought there was a huge gap at the beginning I am trying to stay on top with almost weekly posts of it over on DA. (Chapter 4 wont be till later next year due to another project getting in the way.)

Side note: SECRET SANTA 2017 sign ups are open. Come sign up if you wish to take part.
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2017-05-18 21:58:33.0
May 18th... The day I have to randomly draw Timitu if I can. Since my best friend is no longer here to go to a restaurant with and draw all over the paper on the table with, so I have to do it in photoshop. So here is the Timitu for this year's May 18th. (Apparently May 18th is also National Caesar day in my country. My fav. alcoholic drink... so that is weird. Guess it will start a new tradition instead of going to the restaurant with my friends.)
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2017-04-30 13:31:01.0
I will make him a better character sheet sometime but here is one of my new characters. Antony. This is him after death though. We won't see him like this in my pictures too often... He is the younger half brother of Kailas.
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2017-04-25 07:12:57.0
Birthday picure for my friend on here Tabatha. I am heading out to travel to Toronto where we totally have the best day ever planned. I am so excited. My ride is waiting so so best post this and get out of here. See it larger on DA.
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2017-04-16 20:22:05.0
The boys club. A picture I did back in March on my break. I LOVE the story between these characters. Often I wish I could just do a comic with them. But I will have to wait till at least Chapter 3 is over in Moson's comic before I move over to this one. (Plus every time I tried to work on Levar's life comic I either had the computer fail or my manager threw my sketchbook in the garbage, so not sure if I should. LOL.)

See this and more in full size and better quality over on DA:
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2017-04-11 22:39:19.0
Best Friends FOREVER.

3 years ago today I found out my best friend took her life. She may be gone but never forgotten. She was the mind behind Levar and Sprent. And named Aleksander though died before seeing his finished design. Crazy to think how much life changed that day. And the thought of how much more fun life would be for us now had she not done what she did is always a thought in my mind. I will never find another person as unique and cool as her. That is why I am darn lucky I got to have her in my life for the best 13 years of my life.

Larger/Better quality at DA:
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2017-04-08 15:44:20.0
Lots of doodles... find out more and see it much larger and better quality at the link below. :)
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2017-04-01 09:02:45.0
So I decided to post this page a few days early. I also decided that instead of lion cubs... this comic should totally be about pears. I know it is a bit late in the comic to change it all up. But I am just tired of Moson... Mopear is much cooler. ;)
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2017-02-08 23:28:51.0
My Happy Birthday Picture to Mercury. Today (Feb. 8th) would have been my best friend's birthday. She celebrates in the afterlife but I always enjoy drawing a picture for her so she is not forgotten in my art. I just remembered I was planning to do this pretty late in the day so I could only do something silly like this. But I think she would have loved it. Hope all of you do too. :)
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2017-02-02 18:23:31.0
The original of this picture can be found here:

Back when that was made I also made my very first "Speed-paint video" back when video captures of your screen were not AS easy to get your hands on. So I just recorded with my camera of the screen. I highly suggest you watching it first:

Well not only did a remake the picture itself, but I also remade the video for it too. Check out the new video here: (NOTE: This video will be more entertaining if you watch the first one first. Because it is a remake of it. It is more than just a speed-paint and I brought that over to the new video too.)
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