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<FONT SIZE="1" FACE="Tahoma"><BR><B>Update 12/3/04</b>:

haha, it's been a year since I updated this! man.

woah, look, art! *happiness*


If you're wondering where the heck-ness my art went... try here: <b><A HREF=""; TARGET="new"></A></B>


<B>My art trade status</b>:
- closed

You can contact me on AIM at the screenname "<B>OPotterYouRotter</b>", and you can reach me by e-mail at "padfoot" at

I am no longer keeping characters or information of my furrecat species here, except for establishing Tigrin art and requests I've already done. If you have questions, please contact me.

Newest Pictures:

19:53 Mon 12/7/2015
19:52 Mon 12/7/2015
19:51 Mon 12/7/2015
21:31 Wed 12/24/2008
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09:18 Tue 12/18/2007
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16:26 Thu 6/22/2006
07:17 Wed 4/19/2006

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Colored Line-Art:

Pictures 392
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Joined Before Feb 18 1999
First Upload Sep 23, 2000
Latest Upload Dec 8, 2015
Age/Birthday Jun 11, 1987 (age 30)
Gender Female
Location Southern California
Occupation Artist/Writer/Student
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Accepting Requests or Commissions No
huh? wuh?

Other Gallery:
DeviantArt Off-topic stuff... o.o;; Take a look-see if you're interested! It's updated a little more than here, unfortunately...

:3! Big thank you to everyone who voted for me... it still means so much. *many hugs*

15:34 Wed 9/26/2007
hey tigrin do u still upload here?

--^_^ yeah, but if u did, you would right? I was wondering because if you left, i would have been sad. =)

15:36 Thu 6/8/2006
You are amazing!!! I wish that I could do stuff like that!
My pictures are terrible!

04:00 Sat 7/9/2005
Black Wolfess
I do so love your art! Even your sketches make me smile! Thanks for brightening my day, and keep up the AWESOME work! -favs ya-

|*| Wolfess |*|

23:45 Sun 6/12/2005
Great art you have here, I'm a big fan of your furrecats. I need to make my own some time. Anyway, I'm just another random passerby that will fav you.

22:19 Wed 6/8/2005
Awesome art! I would have to say you are pretty much my favorite artist in the entire archive! You truly inspire me...I love all of your pictures and creations.

With Much Love & admiration,
---Erva =^^=

08:14 Fri 1/14/2005
I noticed that you have listed me as a favorite artist and I was like 'Tigrin? Sounds familiar..' After thinking I remembered that you had a gallery in deviantart and I finally understood that you were one of the greatest artists that I adore. So it was an great honour to be listed your favorite artist list :D Thank you!

Oh yeah! I came also to comment your gallery. Your gallery is still to me a bit unfamiliar but I can tell that you have talent, own style that pleases eyes and characters that are easily recognizable. That's something that I respect and makes me think 'now THAT'S an artist!'

Umm.. Well I guess that this is it :3

01:52 Mon 1/3/2005
Gorgeous stuff--I've seen it before, because looking through your gallery gives me de ja vu. Wonder why I didn't add you to my faves then--you're art is TLK incarnate, exactly the stuff I love. Beautiful, and full of passion. I hope to see lots more from you.

Tandi <~~~~~~~~~~is actually excited for school to start again tomorrow

23:02 Sat 1/1/2005
My god. My first comment was so lame. xD I think it's neat how your style evolved so much and how you draw your Furrecats now. Keep up the awsome work. :3

Mesa likes yer artsies much, doo dah, doo dah, eet just has dat special touch, oh doo dah day. Your art is great, its always been, doo dah, doo dah, to be that good should be a sin, oh doo dah day. I made this rhyme just for yew, doo dah, doo dah, cuz you sure deserved it, yep ya do, oh doo dah day. *Dances*

15:00 Sun 12/12/2004
Kristin O.
*eyes the picture below her* o.o

Uh, hi! I can't believe I didn't add you to my favourite list before. *does so now* Love your art, it's beautiful.

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