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I am open to art trades :)
I draw with paper and pencil and I color with either colored pencil or an app on my phone.
I do role play, if your interested just ask :)
I am thinking about doing a story about The Shadow Pride. More on that later.
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I don't bite ;)
2017-09-12 14:13:32.0
Spur of the moment, Halloween themed character that I'm thinking about making my new fursona. Haven't 100% settled on a name for her yet but I'm thinking Lillian or Lilly for short. Also, I'm experimenting with the air brushing tool on my coloring app. Enjoy :)
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2017-09-06 15:04:58.0
A character I'm hoping to adopt from Art Is A Bang. I plan on making her a friend of Aslan and goi,g her in my comic if I get her. She will also be a great granddaughter of Nuka if I get her!
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