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I am open to art trades :)
I draw with paper and pencil and I color with either colored pencil or an app on my phone.
I do role play, if your interested just ask :)
I am thinking about doing a story about The Shadow Pride. More on that later.
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I don't bite ;)

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I have returned yet again. My original a account was Black Hope but I still can't regain access to it. I am engaged, marrying in October and have 3 furbabies. I'm using my phone right now so it's a little frustrating for me. If you knew me as Black Hope, please know I have matured a lot and would like the past to stay in the past.
I do role play and have other characters that are non lion. If you are interested in rping with me just email me at and I'll reply soon as I see it. I prefer para rp but I can also do liners if you prefer.

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