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Joined Nov 15, 2003
First Upload Apr 12, 2005
Latest Upload Jan 5, 2017
Age/Birthday Apr 20, 1989 (age 30)
Gender Female
Location Mostly London...
Occupation Artist.
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Facebook ThrashBlackpaw
Twitter @MaliciousLion
Steam themalicouslion
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Yes. Its -THAT- Thrasher.

You know, the one who lost her mind?

I'm back, baby.

I am an artist from the UK, currently churning out artwork when the mood takes me. Far from professional unlike most artists my age, I guess health and shit got in the way.

I vanished for a fair while, but hopefully intend on making a comeback and try to settle down to some Canon art, also with my own 'Furry' art dropped in.

Please be aware, I am not very social. Not how I used to be due to certain...issues...that have left a deep mental scar. So if I do not respond to messages or emails, please know I am reading them when I can and such. I'm just not a big talked online or IRL.

To put things out for you : I suffer from :

- Chronic Depression
- Severe Anxiety
- Bipolar
- Psychosis
- Trust Issues
- Multiple Personality Disorder
- Unstable Personality Disorder

I also often get distracted into my own little fantasy world. In the last few years hallucinations have been upped to many levels of Nope. This includes all senses being screwed around/with, to seeing things and hearing things. Feeling like i'm being grabbed, pushed pulled, poked. On a bad day this can leave me irritable, so if I am short with you, I do apologize in advance.

Now i've scared you! Oh dear.

I'm pretty laid back despite all my health issues, i'd rather be rocking out to my music with a Monster and just letting the derp out.

I enjoy gaming, Skyrim - WoW and Guild Wars 2 , but slowly developing an addiction to Steam and all the lovely deals there!

I don't really do the whole 'teaming up' on online games, but if you spot me? Feel free to add me, JUST TELL ME WHO YOU ARE!!!

WoW - Thrasher#21960 - (Send me a message/request!)

Guild Wars 2 - Thrasher.6348

Steam - themaliciouslion

I am a huge lover of rock/metal...but my music taste can vary, but usually I go back to Alice Cooper, ACDC, Def Leppard, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, know...the now dubbed 'classic rock'.

*Shakes walking stick*

Back in my day, back in my day, indeed!
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