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<I>News Just in....</I><b>* This Land Is Trying Out Digital Art* XD</b>

I Hope you Enjoy Looking Through My Drawings :D

I Thank Everybody Who Has Commented On My Work, It Is Most Appreciated :D Keep Them
Coming :D

The vast majority of my drawings are pencil sketches, this is because its my preferred drawing stlye and i am more comfortable with it than anyhting else :D, quite alot of people have asked me why so thats why i have aswered ;), i may move onto colour but im not entirely sure at this time.
Dont get me wrong, i love colour pictures, i adore them, its just i have never been that good at making good effects with colour crayons, but i'll get there someday :D

I also love making animations as you can see lol.
If you want one for your gallery or any other purpose, <u>I Do Take Requests</u>

<u/>Art Trades - Open
Art Requests - Closed
Animation Requests - Open</u>

<b>For Animation Requests, Email Me With Your Request along with Your Artist Name. :D</b>

Here is a Few Artists i have got to know well, and that you must check out.

<a href=>-Lionessstr 85</a>

<a href=>-Magadi</a>;

<a href=>-King Simba</a>

<a href=>-Sharifu</a>;

<a href=>-CandyKitten</a>;

<a href=>-Lunarcat NJC</a>

<a href=>-Stray Kat</a>

<a href=>-Akiko Ookami</a>

<a href=>-Azerane</a>;

<a href=>-Mia Dyb Wangsmo</a>

<a href=>-Ben</a>;

<a href=>-Kanu TGL</a>

Sorry If i have missed anybody else out that i know, i will try to put all artists that i know in here :D

<U><B>If you can, please leave a user or picture comment if possible, i love to hear your veiws :D</B></U>

<b> Do you like to Roleplay? Visit My Site
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<b>0.67% Of TLKFAA Are My Fans, Thankyou :D</b>

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Decided to dust off this account as im getting into drawing again :3

This decription is temporary until i can think of more to write x3

Any questions or comments feel free to get in touch ^^
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