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The Soviet Tiger

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I am currently writing a full length novel, my character designs are based of the the Lion King. I can not tell you what the book is about (It might spoil the whole thing) I can however give my characters some publicity. In the event that I am unable vto upload any of my characters and you still wish to see them, leave me a comment or Email me and I'll see about getting them to you.

This was uttered in a shop right in front of me; What the he** are those? Those are gas mask bags from WWI are you really that dumb. No I just wondered because They look like purses, I'd get one to use but I don't like herses. Lady listen up see this guy right here, he brought me these in return for a beer. Ohh, in the uniform? yeah that's him, he's brute and strong but appealingly slim. He's got a taste for the Soviet stuff, maybe thats one reason he won't go buff. Yeah he's got their style and even their class, do you think if I asked him he would show me his a**. No, he likes his privacy and also his decency, if you even brought it up he'd call it your fantasy. He's a single guy, and he likes it that way, if he wasn't he'd start screaming "mayday". He's been sick, his chest is enflamed, the left side is bigger and he appears to be in pain. He knows his days are numbered but doesn't give a crap, he's just waiting for that hour for his health to sap. Now go somewhere else I know he can hear us, he's getting agitated and way too near us. go, get out leave me alone, I don't him mad or yelling like a drone. *brats leave* so *my name* are you still doing arlight. Quit ryming, It's not funny... *He shuts up*
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