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The Only T

Hai, I'm The Only T (Taka's my other name) <3

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Joined Jan 3, 2009
First Upload Jan 3, 2009
Latest Upload May 4, 2010
Age/Birthday Dec 12, 1995 (age 23)
Gender Female
Location Plymouth, 'GREAT' britian, or the UK.
Occupation school and stuff
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MSN Not telling :D
Accepting Requests or Commissions No
My chemical romance - Black parade
Snow patrol - Run
The script - The end where I begin
Pink - Please dont leave me
My chemical romance - Helena
Green day - 21 guns
Green day - Viva la gloria (little girl)
(Most of them are goth songs *lawl*. But I'm not. Just to let you know <3)

Hellooo, and thanks for taking time to read my profile :)!!!! I'm 14, my real name is Holly, and My dream is to one day be on the top-ten artists list XD I know I have a long way to go, though....Actually, that is a bit too ambitious for my liking... I'd love if I had a AOTM.

I like to use good old-fasioned MS paint for my drawings, seeing as I don't have photoshop OR a scanner :P. Its so annoying, because my sketches of all the TLK crew look so much better drawn with a pencil :S. I am OBSESSED with Taka, , cats and Gerard way (lead singer of my chemical romance <3), and my favourite word is murf. Don't ask, just...don't.
Everyone else I know has done it, so here's my likes and dislikes.

Wide open spaces
Gerard Way
Cats/big cats/any animal!
GREEN DAY! (so good their in capitals!)
The beach
people who have actually read this far and not died of boredom :)

homofobics- they're only people, guys!
MATT DAMON (Jaha knows why..)
Selfish people
Sarcastic people (Scar dosent count!)

Wow, are you STILL reading? Well done you! (oh, and I'll give you a invisable cyber-muffin for your troubles XD)

That was Taka. Over and out.
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