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Hey everyone! I am Awesomesauce2014 (The-North-Star-2014 on dA). Call me Awesome, Sauce, North, North Star, Rogue, hell even Katie. Call me what ever you want really!

19:21 Mon 3/16/2015

So sorry for not getting back to you! I would love a trade, if you're still up for it :)

EDIT - A trade would be good :D who can I draw for you? For me...anyone :D

20:54 Thu 10/23/2014
Do you know who is running ALoP? Night said she might hand it over to you for now and I'm not getting a reply from anyone else. I wanted to join

17:35 Thu 10/16/2014
Hi there Rogue! ^u^ I was looking through your art (which is lovely btw) and saw you love doing design trades. Soooo, I was wondering if you like to do one with me? :D <3

Edit: Awesome! :3
I would really like a Halloween themed winged lioness. Can she have dark grey fur colours, and a lighter grey colour for her belly and muzzle.
I'd like her to have a few orange markings, maybe stripes on her back and some stripes on her face.
Purple goes with orange, so I'd like her to have purple eyes, nose and tail tuft. Feel free to add other things, like some scars/ripped wings or accessories. <3

What would you like? :3

Edit: Alrighty! *cracks knuckles* Surprises are fine with me! Would you like any particular type of feline (big or small), or should I surprise ya with that? :)

Edit: Coolness, will do! :D

22:37 Wed 7/16/2014
I've just messaged *Night* to say that I'll be forfeiting my place from ALoP, I'm still waiting upon her reply and I'm really sorry for leaving the pride. I just don't have time with it because of personal art issues but I hope that you don't mind too much. :(

10:50 Tue 7/8/2014
*Night* say the cubs :D are:
1 male and 2 females :D
EDIT:Ok c: (i desing one of the females) also
i can play the heir when you choose the heir?
Edit:but you have 3 characthers and 3 characthers is dont the limit?
Edit:ok but one of they will be an outsider
Edit:sorry i dont want to send it in an email but here are the Reference of the cub :)
Edit:ok thank you :D
Edit:ok c:
Edit:if you have the desing please reply it here >.>

19:17 Sat 7/5/2014
Leoni 3
Hello Tara here is your MMD of July:Investigate lianas.
Good luck! :)

01:35 Fri 7/4/2014

"Pandora my darling, there has been a bit of a rock slide in the northern territory. Could you please shift as much of it off the path as you are able? It will help me greatly, thank you!"

11:34 Sat 5/31/2014
Hello Awesomesauce2014, I just wanted to come by for a short comment :)
I am seeing your art lately, I must say, it's rather excellent, you've done rather well improving ^^
I do hope you can keep it up :D

10:10 Thu 5/15/2014
Oh my, I`m in love with your character Tara! She has interesting design and cool story!

06:04 Wed 4/16/2014
i have updated the info on my icon to re apply can you reply on here please :)

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