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The hunter

A newbie artist who likes to draw.
Oh yeah i like to draw but i dont have very good skills, but hey who said life suposed to be easy.
i am now working on a fanfic so if you wait you may se one in the near future...
I am also planing on a TC for quake Feat: Simba, Nala and all the rest in a brand new Lionking TC.
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Mappers: Crash firevisor
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Leaders: Me and Crash firevisor
Music guy: None
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2D art: None
Sprites: Me and Crash firevisor
Animators: None
Multimedia Directors: None

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06:33 Tue 1/6/2004
14:34 Wed 11/27/2002
01:20 Tue 11/19/2002
14:28 Mon 11/11/2002
15:02 Mon 9/30/2002
16:29 Thu 9/5/2002
13:21 Tue 8/20/2002
14:01 Mon 7/22/2002
17:00 Sun 4/28/2002

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I forgot this site, its fun to come back and se my old works.
Sadly i havent improved my skills in drawing(and spelling)
Well if i find the time i will post some new art on here, but i mostly hang on deviantart now.
Its worth checking out

*Update* If there are some still seeing this, this account is almost dead. I want to update it, but i am not feeling like it at the moment. Maybe soon, maybe never?
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