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Pygmy Falcon


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Son of Sarafina
Brother of Nala and Mheetu

Chadi was born in a litter with Nala and his runt brother, Mheetu. He was pretty close to his sister, Nala, but his best buddy was Mheetu, the two of them causing problems and enjoying annoying the prince, Simba.

Chadi also was close to an abandoned cub the pride took in named Tuli, who could not speak but Chadi enjoyed playing with her, teaching her, and helping her find a place in the pride.

After Simba's death, Chadi was always keeping Mheetu and Tuli close to him. He was their watchful protector and he always tried to make sure they were okay.

However, it was when his mane was coming in and he was truly becoming a lion that Chadi died. Tuli had been singled out by hyenas, because she was a mute, she'd been a good target for food. Chadi intervened and was killed by the hyenas.


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Father - Kovu Mother - Kiara

Born the heir to the throne, Jabari acted much like Simba had in his youth. He was proud of his title and he enjoyed bragging and boasting it. He claimed to be a brave lion and no one could surpass him. Though unlike Simba had been, Jabari was a large cub. He was very strong and he knew how to put others in their place.

Simba was very fond of his grandson, who always acted like such a sweet boy around any adults. Jabari reminded Simba of Mufasa, so he was automatically well loved. Though Jabari didn't have a real liking to his grandfather.

After much convincing, Jabari was taught how to fight by Kovu, and very often Vitani. He was taught to use his strength and skill to put it where it was needed.

Once Jabari became king, he was very stern and didn't take things very lightly. His sense of humor was small and he had little patience for others. But he wasn't a bad king, he ran the kingdom well, keeping things in order. He has an adviser, Akili, to help him, who had been his companion in a young age, as well as another lion who worked as his second in command.


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Good friend of Scar's as a cub


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To Save


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Riverine Rabbit

Secret lived a normal rabbit life. Nothing ever too exciting. But one day, things changed. He was attacked by a lion cub, Jabari, who was trying to show off his hunting skills. Secret was taken by surprise so had no chance to run away.

Lucky for him, Jabari's sister intervened, making him let the poor rabbit go. She made sure Secret was okay, and the young rabbit was amazed a lion, even a cub, would care so much for such a simply creature as himself.

Secret and Zuri became very good friends, Secret even able to live up at Pride Rock, often staying at Zuri's side, under her protection.


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Timiza's Son - Name meaning: Vulture


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Timiza was an abandoned cub, he has no idea what happened to his mother, he doesn't remember. But, he was found and rescued by Mheetu, when he was on his way back to the Pride Lands after hearing of Simba's return, though about the time Kiara was born, after Kopa's death. Mheetu took a lioness named Tuli as his mate, so Timiza grew up viewing Mheetu as his fater and Tuli as his mother.

Timiza was around the same age as Kiara, and he was a strong, clever cub, so Simba decided to chose Timiza as Kiara's betrothed. Timiza always loved this idea, someday he'd become king and Kiara was quite lovely.

Kiara never really took to Timiza though, despite his efforts. He often just annoyed the princess. When Kovu came along though, Timiza hated him. He didn't trust him, and often fed his suspicions to Simba, and doing nothing but growling and glaring at the Outlander whenever they saw each other.

Even after Zira's death, when it was obvious Kovu was going to be king instead, Timiza felt envious and still hated the lion. Kovu's sister on the other hand. . She wasn't some beauty like Kiara, but she had her own charm. Timiza tried to work his way with Vitani, curious about her.

It took some time, but Timiza and Vitani fell in love. Timiza's grudge against Kovu however, never went away.


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Tisha is Zira's littermate, and sister. She was much more shy and quiet than her curious and loud sister. Tisha was often content with remaining where it was safe, and not wandering off, but she often worried for her sister who followed that older lion, Taka, around.

Growing up, Tisha never understood why Zira disliked Mufasa so much. She thought he was a very good lion, he'd never been mean to her, but as per her sisters instructions, Tisha kept her distance. The lion Zira did approve of, scared Tisha, so she avoided him as well, but she never said anything ill of him, especially in the company of her sister.

Tisha might have been quiet and timid with the pride, but she was an amazing huntress. She was very rarely not involved in a hunt.

When Mufasa died, and Simba supposedly died, Tisha tried to comfort the queen Sarabi, but Zira saw this and jumped at her sister, snarling and growling at her. She warned Tisha not to lose sight of what was important, and that was to keep loyal to her, and to Scar. Tisha, too loyal to her sister, did as she was told.

Tisha continued to hunt with the rest of the pride, until there was almost nothing left. Around that time was when Nala had vanished, leaving Scar angry and keeping a much closer eye on the pride. Zira told her sister to keep near her, so Scar knew she had nothing to do with the other lionesses who defied him in such ways.

Tisha was heartbroken when Zira had a son, and simply discarded him within a few hours. She pitied the cub and wanted to take him as her own but Zira forbade it. Tisha was pleased to see that Sarabi stepped up to take care of the cub instead.

Upon Simba's return, and Scar's death, Tisha felt no remorse for Scar, but for her sisters pain. Tisha did not hate Simba as Zira did, but she did blame him for making Zira so sad. A good thing to come of it, was how Zira took Nuka back to herself, the only piece of Scar left, even though Scar himself had disowned the cub.

To be continued


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Mute Lioness

A small cub born a little after Simba's presentation, she never spoke or gave any indication she could make noise. She does not growl she does not cry out, just silent.

It made it difficult for her to make friends among the pride but, it wasn't too long before Chadi took it upon himself to include her in the playtime of the rest of the cubs. She grew close to him, as well as Mheetu. She also really liked Nala but Nala was more prone to go off and play with Simba or Tama and Kula.

After Mufasa's death, Tuli was an easy target for the hyenas. She often had to stay with one of the grown up lionesses to protect her. Chadi also took it upon himself to take care of her. So far, in fact, that one day, the hyenas went after Tuli. Chadi jumped to help her but lost his life in the process.

Tuli lived but was not seen smiling for some time after. She'd lost her dearest friend. Not too long after, many of the males in the pride were banished, leaving her also without Mheetu.

She lived to age up into an adult, surviving the hyenas even past the major fight upon Simba's return. She found a new place in the pride, hunting and living well in the renewed pride. She was happy again, at peace with herself.

When Mheetu returned, about the time of Kiara's presentation, he brought with him a small cub, he called Timiza. He claimed the cub was abandoned and had adopted him as his own. Tuli was overjoyed to see Mheetu and the two found comfort in each other, as well as the cub Timiza. Mheetu and Tuli lived out the rest of their lives as mates, though Tuli bared no cubs. Timiza was enough of son for her.


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Father - Kovu Mother - Kiara Brother - Jabari

A very mellow and easy going lioness.

As a cub she would generally just laze about alone, very aloof and quiet. She found peace in watching the world around her, finding her surroundings and the animals around her beautiful.

One day, as a cub she saved a young rabbit from her brothers claws. The rabbits name was Secret and she brought him back to Pride Rock with her. She opened up to him and the two were best friends, hardly ever apart.

Even when she became older, the rabbit was never far from her paws. Zuri often had to talk sense into her brother once he became king, his anger often getting the best of him. Zuri was the only one who could talk back to him without consequence.

She never got herself a mate or had cubs.
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