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18:45 Thu 12/9/2010
hi im been new for sometime now but your art is awesome. sorry the artist might say jenette, but im actually midnight_owl. can you draw me my character brittany?id really like that.

14:34 Wed 5/19/2010
Happy birthday TUS! I was looking at the b-day list and I wanted to drop by. :)

Did I mention you have fabulous art? I bet everyone else on the archive did. You're such a great artsit with a wide veriety of style. <3


19:36 Mon 5/10/2010
i just looked through your gallery and realized its awesome! i have got to fav you *faves*! i hope to see more of your art soon.

09:10 Fri 9/4/2009
Thank u soo much for the comment on my Kiara pic! You encouraged me to draw a whole more kiara pics, and they will be on my page soon if you want to check them out! Thank u again!!

EDIT: Would you like to do a trade with me? Cuz i have done all myn and i have a bad art block just thought a trade could help it go.

18:14 Sun 8/30/2009
hi umm i dont exactly know how 2 trade, but it sounds fun!i saw ur post. thx, bye!!

22:30 Fri 8/28/2009
Hello there !! 8D !!
Thanks a lot for your comment !! ^^! I love your pictures so much !! They so special !! Anybody else can do it like you !! You`re greaaaaaat !! jiji !

Once again, Thankss !
Your friend Siva ! :) !

23:52 Wed 8/26/2009

21:47 Tue 8/25/2009
hello there 8D
i want to start off saying i LOVE your art *^* and your passion to do so much canon art. it's been inspiring me to draw more canon pictures. Wonderful art and style<333 i love your unique way of coloring/shading

and i read your bulletin, and i hope you get better soon :c i had to get my gallbladder removed in May, and i know how painful it feels.
I hope you feel better soon<3

14:55 Thu 8/20/2009
I know you're getting a lot of this recently, but I want you to feel better soon, I had surgery last year. and I've fully recovered. I hope that goes the same for you. you've got some pretty neat art up here too. I like your style and your sense of humor. :)

TTFN, ta ta for now!


03:23 Thu 8/20/2009
Aww... you poor thing, having sugery. I know what its like to have surgery because i have had 9 operations. I hope you get well soon,
Edit: I'm only 13 so i think having 9 operations in that time is remarkable

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