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i love fluff and her bunny

20:25 Fri 5/1/2009
*cling* hiya neo! glad you came back

Oh dear! Someone has dropped their bell! Maybe if you ring it they'll hear it and come looking for it?

14:07 Tue 2/3/2009
Abandoned Dust
welcome to the archive! :D your art looks really nice, keep it up!

12:48 Fri 3/23/2007
hello there 8DDD wlcome to the archive ^___^awesome first pictures do you have *faves* :D keep it up! *hugs*

-maq ^_________^

08:10 Fri 3/23/2007
Welcome to the Archive! cant beleive i forgot to say that xD cant wait to see more from you :D

06:42 Fri 3/23/2007
Darth Akila/Seba
hi and welcome!^^

Just wanted to sayyour art looks nice so far so keep up the great job!^^

00:57 Fri 3/23/2007
hiya Neoff102,

Welcome to the archive, awesome first pictures. Keep up the great work and I'm sure you will enjoy your stay here.

17:46 Thu 3/22/2007
hi my bf. im so glad your here *hugs*

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