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<center> Hey everyone! This is Terra here! (Also known as Kema!)Welcome to my gallery! <3 </center>

Hello everyone! Thanks for coming to my gallery, I really appreciate it! I hope you enjoy my art and my characters. I also write TLK fanfics. I'm working on one right now, check it out here! --> <a href=>;
The Lion King III - The Prince's Trials</a>
<p>Don't steal my art, or you will be baked, and then there will be cake. <3

Thank you Brian, for auto approval, and just running this site in general! And thanks to all my fans. Love you guys. <3

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As for trades, sometimes I'm up for them, Sometimes I'm not. You have to ask, that's all. :)


They don't happen. lmao. </center>

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23:23 Mon 4/18/2016
Very whimsical and expressive style, I dig it!

21:05 Sat 2/1/2014
hey thare, my microsoft paint is not working (my laptop is stupid) and i cannot change the lineart of the icon enough to look like your character. so, im going to just draw you a pic if thats ok

20:38 Fri 3/4/2011
nikki the lion
hey i was thinking about the trade u want to do how about a canon trade ?
and when do u want to do it ?

23:02 Mon 2/28/2011
heya thankx for puttin me on your favs, i love your cute little fursona!

update: yeah sure lets do a trade!! warning, it will take me a few weeks, i am going to camp today for 2 weeks. please email me telling me who you would like for me to draw.

update: you asked for an icon, and the reference picture didn't work. could you try again with the ref pic?

edit: oh i forgot we had the same birthday! that's cool. im gonna be 22. how old are you now?
yes lets trade! hmm i would love to see my fursona, but this time could you draw my chars kivu and ciara together as cubs? here's their references

as cubs they are just friends, so just them playing together or anything like that! can i draw 2 characters for you??
also no bg please ^_^ cause i suck at them xD

18:23 Wed 12/29/2010
hey Terra do you want to do and art trade?Please:D <3 <3 <3 !
Terra so glade you are back i almost worship you :).

00:05 Sun 3/21/2010
great work,
absolutely love your style!!

catch ya,

08:46 Sat 1/30/2010
Hey Terra, your artist name is my real name, Lol. XD I really like your art :)
Aquil. :)

11:08 Sun 11/29/2009
Abby Dabby Doo Da
You are really good at drawing wolves, keep it up!!!
EDIT: Hey there, how are you?

23:10 Fri 10/16/2009
Lyall Wolf
OhhhhHHhh nice art i see here you got yourself a new fan

16:06 Tue 10/13/2009
Just wanted to say how much I love your style. It's so adorable. <3

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