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For the first time in several years, I have come back to where my artistic roots really started growing.
It's been so long since I've been back on TLKFAA, and I miss this place SO MUCH. I am so happy to see that the site is alive and well!
The Lion King is still a major inspiration for me, and a very important movie.

Since my sudden silence, I have finally been able to fufill my dream; be able to support myself (somewhat) off my artwork. But because I now work for others through artwork (being a commission artist) its hard to find time for Tartii to draw! ;;

But now that I'm back I hope to make it all change!

Aaaah I missed you guys. ;;

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Hello the name's Tartii! But I got lots of different nicknames; Tart, Tartfart, Tartldoo and who knows what else. xD

I am slooowly becoming more active and trying my best! XDD

Requests: Closed
Trades: Rarely open, you can try and ask but Im busy.
Commissions: Open!
Full body Feral animals are $30, not doing backgrounds at the moment.
Headshot is $20 :3
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