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<center><b>Welcome to Tani's part of the Archive!</b></center>

Yes, I'm still alive! :) I am just not uploading very much here any more because most of my art is OT and not Lion King related (anthros, canines, etc.).<br><br>
If you want to have a look at my full archive, please check <a href=""; target="_blank" style="color:white"><b>my main gallery</b></a> or <a href=""; target="_blank" style="color:white"><b>my DeviantART gallery</b></a>.<br><br>

<b></b>; - There you'll also find more information about my art, how I am drawing, my fursuits, commissions, etc.

Furry greetings,<br>
<b>TaniDaReal</b> - the grey snow leopardess / Schnolf
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<font face="verdana" style="font-size:8pt;" color="#D7E1FF"><b>All my pictures and characters are © to me!<br>
Please do not steal, use, copy or alternate without my permission.</b>

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Joined Before Feb 18 1999
First Upload Feb 12, 2001
Latest Upload Nov 28, 2006
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Meow, TaniDaReal here! :)

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I'm a grey snow leopardess (or sometimes also called "Schnolf" due to my wolf influence), my friends call me Tani. TaniDaReal (formerly known as VitaniDaReal) was born in the beginning of 1999.

I created a pack of European Grey Wolves, my family pack, the "WeuUkoo Wolves" (formerly it was a lion clan but I changed it 2 years ago).

Who wants to know more about my family pack, come to The WeuUkoo Clan!
The WeuUkoo Clan is (c) to me! All the members are (c) to me! Please respect copyright.

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I wanna thank you all for the many many wonderful pictures you did for me! :D I love every single picture!
If you look for further information about my art or want to see my main gallery - come here !
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If you want - check out my websites! - The World of Plushies - The WeuUkoo Wolves, my family

Furry regards,
208 roars

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