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<center><font size=1 face=verdana><b>sometime in march:</b> hello everyone! i am a crazy lion draw-er. i keep drawing lions and it is bad for me, as much as i do love it. so i am not allowing myself to draw any lion king fanart for awhile, in hopes of broadening the ol horizons. if you catch me uploading here in the next couple of months, please tell me off! thank you!


i have been pressurized into using this space and been verbally harrassed for leaving it empty, so here we are. :P

i'm not trying to be cool or anything by not using capitals! there are actually reasons for it that i am far too lazy to explain. unless you want to read a long and tedious story about keyboards and anger management.</font>

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[size="1 face=verdana"]okay, i am really bad at filling these out and tend to put it off or just fling down any old thing to waste space. but since the space-wasters that occupied this profile for the past few years were kind of dated, i now feel kind of obligated to write something.

oh and there i'm off again, i can't seem to keep things short. so i will end here! this was very useful and i'm sure you have a perfectly clear picture of everything i'm about after reading it!

feel free to contact me (by email or whatever else takes your fancy) about anything and everything. i love talking, especially about nothing in particular. kind of like what i'm doing now.
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