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In case I don't see ya, Good morning, Good afternoon and Gooood Night!!

Welcome to my page of horror in the world of art I know as The Lionking Archives.
You will see, that I have loads of crappy - and I do mean CRAPPEH - pictures around, and maybe.. just maybe a few nice ones..

So enjoy your stay, and make sure to leave a wee lil' comment on the top of the page or the picture you like.. thankers!! :D

-- !!News Flash!! --

-o nothing newsy going on right now!

-- Different Species --

I have many different species here on the archive, most of them very old and others actually fairly new.. I havent used them in a while so I'll try to remember which ones I have..
I will apreciate it if no-one, and I mean NO-ONE, touches anything I have on the species.. they are all very dear to me and I am proud of each and everyone of them.

-o Kilamunisa's (Felines)
-o Pyrou's (Wolves)
-o Cairo's (Wolves)
-o Dreamweaver Wolves/ Dreamkeepers (wolves & Felines)
-o Desert Klaroon (lizard)
-o Ripley's (Alien)
-o Kuri Parasite (Parasite)

These are most of the species I can remember, oh yes.. some of them I allow to get requests from.. just not requests from:

- Dreamweaver Wolves/ Dreamkeepers
- Ripley's
- Kuri Parasite
- Desert Klaroon

I have my special reasons for that.

-- Art trades, Requests --

none at the moment, but never hesitate to ask me for a trade or for a request..
just send me a friendly mail with all the information you think I need and I'll see what I can do.. ;)

-- Final words --

I just wanted to thank all my special friends out there who have taught me the ways in this archive, especially Raven, Swarovski, TaiKaiTsu and Little Flower..
(no perticulair order)

and.. my life philosophy and quote:
"Even at dusk, short men cast long shadows"

and my fave movie quote:
"There is a place, where Fantasy and Reality are inseperable.. where every dream, becomes a nightmare" - Dreamcatcher.

further, I would like to give you this word of my personal experience and advice..
"You better make sure your dreamcatcher is hanging steady above your weary head when you go to sleep at night, you can never know.. what might slip through.."
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