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My mind and imagination are faster than my hands.

i accept trades,request

top ten in my favs:
1. Audrey cosmo
2. Tailbrush
3. Tima
4. Kourukon
5. Kari
6. Emo Hellion
7. Dolphy
8. Rex (Thanks for the references)
9. not-quite-normal

and of course i have more favs but these are the principals

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when i started looking this place, in august 2008, i found inspiration and references in artist like: audrey-cosmo, rex, serafina, dolphy, balaa and many others of here.

I thougt "well i want to do something like this, but first, i need to learn how to draw a good TLK character"

ok, im here now :)

Jan. 19, 2009
Hey paisana!
Gracias por tu comentario en mi galería. Y perdona por mi tardanza en responder, ya hacía tiempo que no checaba mis comments x) pero soy un usuario activo. Tus dibujos son bastante buenos, sigue mandando ;)
Me alegra encontrar a alguien más de México por aquí, ¿de que parte eres?

Oct. 16, 2008
Hi! Welcome to TLKFAA, wolfLaura! ^__^
Your firsts sketches are so nice! They show real talent! Keep on drawing =3
And I hope you like it here in the archive ^^

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