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m^o^m (Meow) Welcome to my art page.

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17:45 Fri 12/29/2006
17:35 Fri 12/29/2006
17:31 Fri 12/29/2006
17:14 Fri 12/29/2006
15:49 Fri 1/13/2006
15:32 Fri 1/13/2006

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Hello there! You are bothering to look at my artwork? Golly, thanks! ^^ I am certainly not the best, I can't photoshop to save my life, so all I do is sketch. That is all you will probably ever see, my sketches. If I get a tablet, however....*Daydreams*....Where was I? Oh, I like to draw my eevee character, Jewel. My best friend handily calls me Tama, however. Thats where my nickname came from. I draw my best friend as Jewel's trainer, Kirii. I also like to draw dragons. Yup, my dragon character is Magic, her hatchling name is Galaxia. *Jabbers on for another hour* Anyway, thanks for checking out my page and looking at my art.
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