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I'm back again, this time I'm going to stay active dammits! Most of my stuff is on my deviantART.

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July 11, 2011
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22:27 Thu 7/15/2010
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Long time member of TLKFAA, but I never really uploaded anything, so I decided to come back now and start again. Most of my stuff can be found on my deviantART.

Aug. 24, 2009
Heya! xD Cool, I didn't know you had an account here either! It's awesome how different things happen and the ppl you meet!
I dunno when you will get this, but you told me you were starting college tomorrow, so I wish you luck! 8) I always have to go, on the game, at that time I do during the weekdays cause I work 3rd shift! xP 10pm-7am woo! I've been outta school for several years now! LOL I didn't goto college, I just went straight into the work force, I didn't ever like school settings! xP I just enjoy playing the game and drawing animation chars! It's just awesome! I dun wanna grow up! XD
Well, glad to find you on here! *faves* 83

Aug. 22, 2009
oo i see you're a fan of Impressive title. wanna meet up on it sometime?? i would love too!! as i know nobody on it... lol

Feb. 18, 2007
Awesome art you've got here!! Plus it's always wonderful to meet another artist from the U.S. *woot!* Keep it up! XD

Sept. 10, 2006
Welcome to the archive!!

Aug. 24, 2006
Hey there!!! Welcome to the archive! Great pics you got here so far. Ace is a cutie... heh.

Can't wait for the story. Keep me posted, okay? It sounds like its gonna be awesome.

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