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Tally Mark

Hello all, and thank you for stopping to look at a poor dragons artwork ^_^; I'm new here, just arrived a few days ago--started on the oekaki board, got hooked to it, then started browsing the boards and got hooked on them finally I end up in the art archives, looking for a new place to put up my work for critique and view others. ^^;; I draw a mix of things, largely dragons and pokemon fanart, with a dose of anything else fantasy or furry. ^_^ I'm still trying to get the hang of humans, and I'm also working at making my pictures more realistic and experimenting with new computer art tools, so my style shifts around a bit; any comments or critiques are more than welcome. ^_^ Done loads of pokemon requests before but never tried art trades. ^^; Thank you again, hope you like! ^^;

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Occupation Administrative assistant at a police station, entering college freshman, and amateur artist/writer ^^;
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Me? Well, I'm eighteen, brown hair and brown eyes, 5'4" with a slender build, usually seen wearing tank tops and sandals. ^^; And usually seen toting my sketchbook about and a good fantasy novel--I love reading, writing, and drawing, and am a fanatical dragon lover ^^ Not sure what else I'm supposed to say here right now ^_^;
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