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<b>Am I getting too OLD for this?</b>

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Updated: July 22, 2016, noon
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Joined Apr 6, 2003
First Upload Apr 6, 2003
Latest Upload Jul 25, 2017
Age/Birthday May 29, 1986 (age 32)
Gender Female
Location Colorado
Occupation Offical chew toy of Animals around the World
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I generally represent myself with Tak, the Zebra mouse. The name came from a shortening of my original characters name (Takara the cheetah). The mouse was far more suiting, and i have mostly phased Takara out, though she still exists as one of my characters. :)

The archive really helped to shape who i became as an internet monster, and person i suppose. I met some of my closest friends here by simply asking to do a few art trades when I was brand new!

I am more interested in enjoying drawing and growing as an artist for the fun of creating, rather then to please people.

I have graduated from college with a degree in Zoo Keeping Technology. I learned (and experienced first hand) Animal biology and husbandry, and loved every minute of it. (most of the minutes at the very least. I can think of a few unpleasant minutes...)

I dream of owning an "exotic spider farm" in my own house, as well as running some form of wildlife Rehabilitation center... or even a rescue for domesticated animals as well.

I worked for nearly 4 years as an Animal Care Specialist: Behavior, at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region. Basically I evaluated dog behavior, as well as participated in the husbandry/care portion of some of the animals. I also took part in behavior modification work with the animals who were not quite ready for adoption.

I now am a self-employed full time artist. We will see if I starve.

I am stubborn, set in my ways, dislike most critique (it has to be gentle not to wound my fragile ego), and believe strongly that everyone needs to do their own thing in life, and as long as it doesn't Harm someone else, there is no Wrong way to go about something.

I Love working with animals and observing behavior (in more than just canines), physical labor that tires you out, cheesy horror/sci-fy movies, photography, D&D, and generally nerd-ing out with other people..whether i just met them or we are long time friends.

I Used to attend Comic-Con San Diego every year, and had done so since 2006. (my first year of attendance was actually 2001 though). My final year of attendance was 2012. Life has gotten in the way ever since that year. Oh well, i had a good run.

I NOW attend Denver Comic Con every year (since 2012, their first one). I attend as an Artist in their Artist valley. You should certainly come by and see me if you ever attend! Say you are from the archive and i'll most definitely hook you up with something from me. Seriously. Gotta show love to the TLKFAA peeps

“He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye.”
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