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Woah. Over 5,000 artists on the archive, and you choose to look at my gallery. That means a lot to me. I'm only on the internet on weekends so I'll try to reply to your comments as quick as I can. If your looking for the best looking art in the world, go look at <a href="">Rex</a>; or <a href="">Tailbrush</a>;, not me. But if your looking for completely ON-TOPIC art, you've chosen the right spot. My art is not 5% or less off-topic, it's 0% off-topic.
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Hai guize! 8D Why are you reading this?? Oh! Ya wanna know bout me? >D you loser. ok, here goes:
-My hair is naturally unnaturally blonde
-I have been accused of being albino and lesbian several times
-I'm a Christian
-I'm the archive's biggest ScarXZira shipper
-I have a 3 inch long, 1/2 inch wide scar under my left arm from a dramatic knife fight with Chuck Norris *coughcoughcancerousbirthmarkremovalcough*
-My favorite genre's of music are:
-Hair Metal
-and country
-I looooove scratching people and biting things
-I have these uber long blonde eyelashes that hang over my eyes and make it hard to see out of binoculars and microscopes
- My top 5 favorite movies:
1. The Lion King
3. Sweeney Todd
4. The Simpsons Movie
5. PotC 1
-Johnny Depp is MINE >8U
-Are you still reading this?
-If you met me IRL, you'd want to shoot either me or yourself
-If you're Canadian, I automatically like you more &#9829;
-I can roll my uvula to make a realistic purring sound
-I have memorized
-When I was little, I'd dance in my driveway in a giraffe suit
-It's harder for me to gain weight than to lose it
-I'm a GH3 addict
-Marry me plz? My heart burns for you *&#9829; on fire*

THAT'S ALL! GO AWAY! o3o Thank you for shopping at the Kwik-e Mart. Come again!
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