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<img src=><Br>Tajan :P ................................................. Thanks KaLEi!<Br><br><Br><hr></center>
<br><br>Anyone who wants to do an art trade, or if you want me to do a piccy for you just ask. My e-mail is and my AIM is OriginalCowgirl4. ;D<br><br>
Yeah I was just thinking.. I got my acceptance letter ot a school in KY the other day so I'm not gonna be a Tennessee Babe any more :(
I think I've finally decided on a new name... /<s>Savvy</s>/ make that Nokota... i'm pretty sure this is the one so sorry for all the cahnges. But you know. ;P
I really should just make it Gizmo, but he's really not my fursona (even if he's my artist profile piccy).

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I'm Tajan (formerly known as Tennessee Babe and Nokota) I'm 18 years old and a freshman in college. I'm currently majoring in graphic design and it's really cool. Unfortunately I can't use my tablet on the laptop I got... :(
Plus I don't have a scanner here at school, so I'm not able to upload very often. It's really fun here though. So If you want to do an art trade and don't mind waiting a while just drop me a line. And I love to hear your opinion about my art, so don't be afraid to leave a comment or two!
Peace out!
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