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IM am acception commisions for neopets. They are 3,500np each for an oekaki drawing and 6k np for an adobe photoshop drawing. 2k np for a pixle drawing in my paint program.
neomail me at tailix or email me at

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Hi. Im Tailix (aka Tsunekena). I am a Liger (lion/tiger) I am all white with 3 red stripes on my back. I have red hair and have a red tuff of fur on my tail. All my markings are (c) me (NO COPIEZ!!) I am also a rune Liger. since im not fully lion or tiger no group will accept me for who I am Im all alone. Ive made a few friends. Mainly a Mustang named Azulu. He has no idea how he ended up in Africa but he doesnt mind being here. He like it a lot.
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