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1. Taeko and Themba playing together (completed)
2. Sarki jumping off a cliff with his wings outstretched
(completed in uploader)

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My name is Jess, I am currently 16 years old and live in the north west of England. I drew lion king fan art around five years ago but high school started to get in the way... but now it's over. I have totally and utterly finished High School... best of all, no summer homework to do! So right now I will be drawing all summer!!! (Unless ofcourse someone finally offers me a job, seems very bleak at the moment) However in September I will be going to college, I have been accepted for a course in designing computer games so that should be really fun, hopefully in my spare time I will be able to draw my own things though :). I have always wanted to be an animator, and now maybe it won't be for TV but I'm making my first step into the road to become an animator.
For alot of my work I have been using references to help me such as clipart and scenes from the movie, just until I get the hang of drawing lion king again =). I hope you all enjoy my work and I'm open for trades!
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