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Thanks for all of you visiting me already! I'm sorta new at this I just got a tablet back in nov. I hope you like my work and I'm sure I would like to check out our work aswell :)

New News, I GOT IN TO WALT DISNEY WORLD! I AM WORKING THERE AS OF MAY 6TH WE ARE EXCITED Timitu and I will be doing more Disney Icons
I am open for Trades!

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Dec. 17, 2007, 10:23 p.m.
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14:32 Thu 4/10/2008
King Simba II
Hi ^________^

Many congrats on your new job! ^^ You have awesome artwork, keep it up :D


19:11 Fri 2/1/2008
Hey Tabatha! You've got some great artwork :) What colour background would you like for your icon?

17:10 Sat 12/22/2007
Hey Tabatha,
here's a late welcome from BeeKay84! =)
Thanks for faving me, I'm faving you, too, now.
Hugs, BeeKay84

02:36 Wed 12/19/2007
i just love kitten!!!! you'r very good!!! i like your style!!! =)
RE: about the art trade, can you do Amber for me?? thankies =)

15:48 Fri 11/23/2007
Hai :D
I was lead here by a lovely link on an arist's *cough Timitu cough* picture. Great first pic xD Hope to see more ^^
Have fun here and if you're ever interested in an art trade let me know C:
Ok sounds good,
Yes i LOVED the icon you did for me :D
Could you draw Trojin and Willow for me? Trojipaint.jpg thats Trojin Willow.jpg and thats Willow. :3

12:27 Fri 11/23/2007
Hi!! Cool art ya got here i love your character ;)
You wanna do an art trade?
Edit: Sure!! and can you do Tobias for me please?

18:26 Thu 11/22/2007
welcome to the archive you r off to a great start! hope you enjoy your stay here at TLKFAA!

16:36 Wed 11/21/2007
Hi! i was alawys gald to see you here! maybe me and you can do a art trade? I love you char on Timitu's art
EDIT: sure! but it won't let me see the pic. I'll just draw someone else for you :D

14:13 Wed 11/21/2007
Welcome to TLKFAA Tabatha!
I really like you art.
Hope you make a lot of friends here and good luck with the art.
You're really good! :3

12:13 Wed 11/21/2007
woot ! hey there tabatha welcome to the tlkfaa! good luck and im watching your lovely work ^^

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