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<p align=center><font size=4> Hey there! Welcome to the archive of Taakumi, one of the few accounts that is used by two artists. All pictures here are done by the two of us, with one artist sketching, and the other coloring.
<br><br>We hope you enjoy our art! Have a nice stay! ^___^


Art Trades
</center>-Koudoawia <i>(are half pending upload)</i>
<br>-Turag94 <i>Create a Character in exchange for a Shiach character :D (need to find out specific details).</i>
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<marquee>Thanks for all the WONDERFUL comments!! *Taakumi</marquee>

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We are two artists working together on one account. One of us draws the pictures, while the other one colors.

We use eachothers strong points, to help counter our weak points, and therefore, together, our art is much better then it would be if we were apart. *grins* well enough rambling... we hope you enjoy our art.
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