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<center><a href=""; target="_blank"><img src=""; border="0"></a><br><embed src=""; width="277" height="30" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="false" allowscriptaccess="always" flashvars="&"></embed><br><a href=""; target="_blank">Colors Of The Rainbow - Dj Skeptyk<br><small>FREE MP3 DOWNLOADS @ MP3-CODES.COM</small></a></center><br><b>General Info</b>:
Images on banner are characters from Axis Powers Hetalia, not drawn by me, dur hur. D:<br>
<br>Requests - <b>Yes</b><br>
Art trades - <b>Yes</b><br>
Commissions - <b>No</b><br>
Roleplay - <b>YES</b><br><br>
<br><b>-Where to find meh</b>:<br>
-Photobucket: Kverplis<br>
-Sheezyart: StripainiC<br>
-Fanart central: SugaryOblivion<br>
-Youtube: Wizzurrd<br>
-TegakiE: SugaryOblivion<br>
<br><b>Lemions</b><br> Er, I used to have an /Original/ species called Lemions, they were some kind of cross between a lion a lemur. I just heard about that original species thing, though it was cool and created a lemion.
I have lost all interest in lemions, I still love them as creatures, and every single one I've ever created is dear to me, that sounded freaky, but whatever,<b> I won't be making new ones</b>, but still will draw them a bit...<br>If anyone claims to invent the lemion and calls me a thief or sh*t, whatever, the idea is not original after all, but if you steal exactly my design then I'll make sure you will remember me as a bad person, honestly, I try as hard as I can to argue politely but I have my limits as well<br><b>If any owner stated in this list has changed, or something, please inform me because I don't visit often, sorry guys. owo;; </b><br><b>All the lemions that exist in the archive.</b><br>Black/White/Rainbow lemion - owner: Katts, the great, er, I mean MYSELF.<br>
Blue lemion - owner: Billie<br>
Red/Air lemion - owner: Pinkyu<br>
Green lemion - owner: CheetahCub<br>
Yellow/Pink/Earth lemion - owner: Red Rose<br>
Orange/Purple lemion - owner: ShadowManic<br>
Gray lemion - owner: ~Suka~ <br>
Brown lemion- owner: Art is a BANG, Un!<br>Water Lemion- owner: brinazarski <br>Fire lemion- owner: inky<br>
Ice lemion- owner: RanRye-RedFang<br>
Angel lemion- owner: Anaisa<br>
Demon lemion- owner: Twilight_Wolf<br><br>


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Hello, Katrins here, sdsds
I am just your not-so-average 13 year old... girl? boy? I dunno myself. D:

I enjoy drawing and listening to music, I am a pretty lazy person so I spend my days sleeping and playin' computer games.
It's a little secret of mine, but I really love pokemon. p: I wish I could get a DS one day, sdsds.

People call me strange, but that's because they don't really understand my thinking, but I assure, I don't mind you not understanding me, since I don't understand myself. D:
Most of the time I am in a weird and hyper mood, but I can have serious anger issues, keep away 10 meters then. OwO;;
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