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56 fans,thank you guys so so much.It means alot too me. I love you all.You mean everything to me.Thanks you so much,ill say it a thousand times. I love you all.Your great,you mean EVERYTHHING too me.And thats the truth!
And here are some great artist,and fans and just perfect and nciice people on here.Check them out sometime.

malyss nightshadow( she was my first friend on the archive she has a amazing style nand shes cool check her art out;D )
phinia black
tori wolf 2500
and alot more :D

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Location why would i say where i live theres rapist out thereee O.o
Occupation your mom
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i love drawing i started when i was little....they looked horrible though ;) im always up for a art challenge like drawing complicated char. i LOVE doing art trade request and if peple ask me to draw chacrters I LOVE IT
my favorite type of music is screamo XDDD
my favorite bands are the devil wears prada , i set my friends on fire , bring me the horzion and cage the elephant and under roath :) personally here the best bands EVER to me :) drawing as always been a hobby for me :)
im emo so i cut.dont jdge on people
so if anyway needs to vent out im here cuz iv had lots of problems in my life :/ im a deep person sometimes im pretty funny for a emo to :) and if yor reading this i may eat your brain RAWRRFF :) just kidding i stick to blood not brains
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