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<b>Thank you for the watches, picture favourites, artwork for me and to Brian for making this site!</b>

All artwork here is copyrighted to Syaoran aka Lizzie Mae.

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Age/Birthday Dec 30, 1996 (age 22)
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Location England, Britain
Occupation Secondary School Student, Artist :3
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Oi, you! I see you there! What are you doing poking around here, huh? should be looking at my art, but since you obviously want to know more about me, here you go!

My real name is Lizzie, and I like to draw (duh :P) I also like anime such as Amuto, YuGiOh, Death Note & Ouran High, my fave movie is Labyrinth and I like listenin to music n'all :3 My fave fictional chars are Jareth, Freddy and Bakura :3

Visit me on other sites aswell :3


Now, go look around my gallery bubs!
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