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<b><u>AoTM May 2010</b></u>

This month we take a look at an artist who has earned the recognition of the TLKFAA community after only uploading a handful of pictures—32, to be exact. How has she done this? That's easy: by working almost exclusively in MS Paint.

That's right: as hard as it is to believe, all the pictures you see in her gallery—with a few real-media exceptions—are created using a mouse and that venerable tool in the Windows Accessories folder, Paint. Paint is for most artists a stepping stone to bigger and better things; but Supernova has learned how to make it sing and dance and produce art that rivals the best stuff made in Photoshop or other multi-hundred-dollar tools. For that alone, she easily deserves our spot of honor.

It's clear from the few pieces of pen or pencil art sprinkled through her gallery (and her DeviantArt page) that Supernova is an accomplished master of the traditional tools of the trade. But she's taken it a few steps farther: with the help of a few tricks made possible by recent enhancements in newer versions of Paint, she's turned that generally-unloved program into a capable tool for making art that has that great, unmistakable look that harks back to video games of the 1990s. Visible pixels, sharp lines and color boundaries, and smooth color fills make up an artistic style that, depending on who's doing it, can look novel or nostalgic or just plain ugly... but in Supernova's hands, it turns out looking absolutely fantastic.

It's necessary to be clear here: Supernova starts from hand-drawn pictures, then converts them to line-art through the use of a scanner and the skillful manipulation of contrasts and levels. But that's no small feat, especially considering what has to come next. As she's outlined in a series of well-regarded tutorials on her DA page, the real magic comes from being able to clean up those lines perfectly, apply all the right colors, and create a shaded, rich, living scene like the ones you see to the right and the left. We've clearly come a long way since the days when MS Paint only gave you sixteen garish colors to work with and a few rudimentary brushes.

Supernova's general artistic skill deserves some special mention. Her feline characters have a roundness, a heft, and a volume of fur and texture that comes from a tradition somewhat different from the Disney style we're most used to seeing in this community. There's a lot of intricate detail operating throughout all the carefully rendered surfaces, whether Supernova is using a pencil, a pen, or the refined pixels of Paint. But no matter what the final format, it's the well-developed sense of anatomy and composition that really gives her creations their life: truly artistic tableaus, skillfully blending backgrounds reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints and painted panels with a modern, comic sensibility compatible with the smooth color fills made necessary by the choice of MS Paint as a medium. It's a fascinating and novel synthesis, and it's one that Supernova can be proud of.

Definitely we're proud to have her in our community. Congratulations, and we look forward to what she shows us next!

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