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Incase anyone's interested in a Sci-fi roleplay that takes place on a planet called Korinthia....
I'm Ctawande, the admin and blah blah blah. Negos can be roleplayed on there if you want.

<center><b>Kowai's Species Information</b></center>
<br><b><i>Be Baut Information</b></i>
<br><b>Range</b>: Deserts, highlands, and mountainous areas through out Africa
<br><b>Family Groups</b>: Small tribes of 3-5 adult Be Bauts plus any where from 5-9 young.
<br><b>Birth</b>: 5 cubs or less in a litter. Cubs are born in the early Spring and Autumn.
<br><b>Coloration</b>: Depends on the breed. Night Be Bauts are naturally darker colored while Day Be Bauts are brighter. Markings are usually on the face, rump and legs, but not all Be Bauts have markings on all three places; its a rare thing when they do or completely lack markings.
<br><b>Interesting Features</b>: Horns (length depends on status in a tribe; can mimic any horned animal); Mane or a ridge of hair visible in all (Both genders have a long ridge that stretches to their rump); Short, corgi-like tail; Jewel in their chest, usually surrounded by a precious metal (Jewel can be anything; Metal can be any precious metal); long pointed tongue; Oddly colored nose/paw pads/ inside of mouth
<br><b>Personality Traits</b>: Varies; no two Be Bauts have the same personality
<br><b>Other Facts</b>: Basically a lion with a naturally cropped tail, horns, and a long ridge of hair evident on both genders. They prefer to scavenge for their food rather than actually hunt, seeing as their claws are short and rather blunt and their teeth are similar to a hyena's. Be Bauts are almost never seen alone, often staying with their siblings until they have found a mate. They can and will put random objects in various places on their bodies, including earrings, necklaces, tail rings, bracelets, facial piercings, various objects in their manes/hair, and objects attached or tied to their tails.

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