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Sun Rei

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Update: September 20, 2012
If you just happened across my page, well then thanks for stopping by and looking! After a long time away from the archive, I have decided to return to post some of my drawings. I will mainly upload TLK fanart and some of my characters here - the rest of my artwork can be found at: <a href=""></a>

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If you would like to read either one of my fanfics, please click the links below.
<p><p align=center><a href="">The Lion King 3: A Fallen Kingdom</a>
<p><p align=center><a href="">The Lion King 4: The Marking</a>

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***My artwork and original characters are NOT for public use. Please respect this and do not upload my artwork on other websites or use it or my characters for roleplaying.***
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2017-04-20 16:40:19.0
My Characters
Astra running through some melty snow. This was mostly just background and aposethatisntsittingorstandingforonce practice.

I really love Astra, she's such a pretty character and she's so much fun to draw. =3
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2017-03-21 07:16:06.0
My Characters
Moon and Stardust out enjoying a lovely day. These two are definitely some of my favourite characters!

Stardust is a plush cat but comes alive with Moon's imagination. He is only able to do so when they are alone, since others do not have Moon’s imagination, so Stardust cannot be portrayed as a cat/kitten if they are somewhere public/with anyone else.
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2017-03-21 07:15:18.0
My Characters
My boy Treydan. Trying to draw my characters more often, and thought it'd be fun to upload them here too.
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2017-03-21 07:12:24.0
My Characters
Vent art. Been dealing with a lot of stressful things lately, (most of which are out of my control), and it leaves me feeling exhausted some days. Was doodling a while back and this sketch came out, so I thought finishing it would be a good way to vent and let out some of my frustrations. I'm fine though, just a bit worn out.
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2017-03-21 07:10:23.0
My Characters
Andraya loves stargazing, so she's out enjoying a cold evening under the stars. (guess you don't mind the cold much when your butt is on fire!)

Her earring is supposed to be silver and her bracelet is on the wrong leg, but oh well.
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2017-03-21 07:08:29.0
My Characters
Here's the cub version of Moon and his kitten Stardust! Stardust is a plush cat but comes alive with Moon's imagination. He is only able to do so when they are alone though, since others do not have Moon’s imagination, so Stardust cannot be portrayed as a cat/kitten if they are somewhere public/with anyone else. Also, they age together, so they are always similar ages (cubs at the same time, adults at the same time).
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2017-03-21 07:05:53.0
My Characters
Sun Rei and her big brother Sol!

I'm the oldest in my family, but I always wanted an older brother. I have had close friends throughout the years that have filled that place, so Sol is a representation of them, in a way. It was Sol who presented Sunny with her signature blue flower when she was very young.
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2017-03-21 07:02:08.0
Character Sheets
2017 reference sheet for Sol, Sun Rei's older brother.
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2017-03-21 06:59:39.0
Character Sheets
Edit: updated 2017 reference sheet for Treydan, Sun Rei's mate.
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2017-03-07 07:04:09.0
Character Sheets
Edit: updated 2017 reference sheet for my fursona Sun Rei.
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2017-02-19 15:10:44.0
Canon Artwork
Trying to push myself to work more on my backgrounds. However, painting trees didn't work out, so those vines in the corner are hanging from a very tall tree. Just go with it, haha.

Woo, Simba and Nala!

Question. Can anyone tell me how to see the comments I've made on other artists's drawings, and if they've replied to my comment or not? It was really easy to look back on comments and replies on the old site but I can't find how to do that here. D8
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2017-02-17 04:42:22.0
Canon Artwork
I've been really busy and dealing with a lot of stuff irl. I'm more active on dA since I don't draw a lot of canon art (and other reasons). Thought I'd share this one though. =3

Back when The Lion Guard was just news and hadn't been released yet, I thought that it would be sort of a continuation of Simba's Pride - Kion would be Kiara's little brother and it would follow their adventures together with Kiara as a teenager and Kion as a cub. I would have really enjoyed seeing the dynamics of them in two different age groupings and how they related to one another. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed when I realized that they were supposed to be the same age and that Kiara's personality had changed so completely from the movie. Oh well.
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2015-07-11 05:22:09.0
Gifts and Trades
For Goldenheart
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Color PNG
2015-07-11 05:20:40.0
Gifts and Trades
For Poons
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