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Sun Rei

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Update: September 20, 2012
If you just happened across my page, well then thanks for stopping by and looking! After a long time away from the archive, I have decided to return to post some of my drawings. I will mainly upload TLK fanart and some of my characters here - the rest of my artwork can be found at: <a href=""></a>

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If you would like to read either one of my fanfics, please click the links below.
<p><p align=center><a href="">The Lion King 3: A Fallen Kingdom</a>
<p><p align=center><a href="">The Lion King 4: The Marking</a>

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***My artwork and original characters are NOT for public use. Please respect this and do not upload my artwork on other websites or use it or my characters for roleplaying.***
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2015-03-21 06:02:00.0
Sometimes life is just...

Redraw of an old picture.
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2013-07-07 03:48:08.0
The last few days have been hell. I always try to find the best in every situation, but right now, it feels next to impossible.

Its like I can't even breathe. I keep thinking about all the happy moments we had together to try to forget the emptiness I feel now that you're gone. One of my most favorite things was how we'd stay up so late together - cuddling, watching movies or looking out the window.

You were my best friend. My heart aches for you, little brudder. :(
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2013-04-08 13:15:05.0
Back in 2011, I fulfilled a bunch of childhood dreams while on a visit to Orlando, Florida. I think back on that trip quite often. It was truly amazing! Of course, I visited Disney World and Hogwarts while I was there!

So here's Sunny with a Gryffindor scarf and curly hair! Decided to tackle curly hair for a change. (Besides, its cute!)

The picture is one I took of Hogwarts.
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2013-03-08 05:09:44.0
I figured since I wear my hair in a braid a lot of the time, it would be fun to try it out on Sunny. My hair is layered, so whenever I braid it, some bits at the front don't stay in, so I did that on her as well. Also played around with textures!
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2013-03-08 05:01:23.0
There are a number of people I watch who I have seen are going through some really tough times. They live in different parts of the world and all are dealing with various hardships. Although I can't say I understand exactly how each of them feel, I have been down that dark road many times and understand how it feels to think you are all alone.

I wish I had the time to draw something individually for each of these people. To those I see suffering, if I could, I would protect you from everything that hurts you. If I could, I would reach around the world and hug you right now. If I could, I would be your sunshine during those dark, lonely days. I may not know you very well, but I am always here for you. Please know that.
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2012-09-19 18:45:36.0
I suppose since I am planning on uploading my TLK fanart here from now on, I should also update my picture in the artist listing. For those who don't know me, or who haven't seen me for years, I'm Sun Rei / Sunny - the lioness bursting with sunshine, laughter and silliness!

Well, if that hasn't been enough to send you running...XD
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