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Sun Rei

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Update: September 20, 2012
If you just happened across my page, well then thanks for stopping by and looking! After a long time away from the archive, I have decided to return to post some of my drawings. I will mainly upload TLK fanart and some of my characters here - the rest of my artwork can be found at: <a href=""></a>;

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If you would like to read either one of my fanfics, please click the links below.
<p><p align=center><a href="">The Lion King 3: A Fallen Kingdom</a>
<p><p align=center><a href="">The Lion King 4: The Marking</a>

<b><p align=center><font size=4>*grabs teh fansies and huggles them all* Thank you so much for your support guys!</b></font>

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***My artwork and original characters are NOT for public use. Please respect this and do not upload my artwork on other websites or use it or my characters for roleplaying.***
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<b><center><font size=4 color=black>Thank you so much for giving me auto approval, Brian!!!!!</font>


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Hey there, I'd just like to say thanks for coming by my page! You can find more of my art at, so if you like, please stop by!


Sun Rei (a.k.a. Sunny)

13:56 Sat 3/21/2015
MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

08:21 Sat 3/21/2015
*starts a new comment*
Hello Sunny ^^
are you doing well? (sorry if not)
also, I wished to question how you were able to draw the camels so well in your piece? It's really great however you did it ^^
You are talented :)

09:23 Sat 12/20/2014
Hello lovely, I used to be an old member, and have just re-joined to draw again. I just wanted to say that I'm really glad to see that you and your art is still around on here, I used to really like watching your art.=)

11:30 Sun 2/23/2014
hi!!!! I'm ArceeCub!!!! I love your galery!!! it's fantastic

05:04 Sat 6/1/2013
Congrats on AOTM! :D You have beautiful art <3 Keep drawing! I love your fursona, too ;)

15:40 Tue 5/28/2013
Congratulations on your Feature. Well deserved<3
Keep up your good work! Looking forward to see more art from you:)

13:52 Tue 5/28/2013
Oh oh congrats on AoTM, Rei! Well deserved! :D

07:33 Tue 5/28/2013
Sukala A.P.
Congrats Sunny! I would like to be artist of the month one day me too! ^^

06:00 Tue 5/28/2013
Lil Cheetah
Hey Sun Rei! When u updated your comment on my page, did u see my reply? I got auto-approval by asking Brian "How do I get auto-approval" (because I thought it sounded better than "Can I have auto-approval" ;p) If you have a history of uploading good, ontopic artwork, I'm sure he'll let u in on it.

Did u get auto-approval after all? I still have my paws crossed for u. They are beginning to ache. ^^

YAY! I'm glad u got auto-approval. You deserve it! ^^


Random HUG! :D

EDIT: Congratulations on getting AotM, Sunny!

15:27 Mon 5/27/2013
Hello Sun Rei, thank you so much for making me feel better, and thank you for faving me! <3 :)

edit: Congratulations on getting AOTM! :D You really deserve it Sunny <3

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