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And yes... I am obsessed with Marluxia from Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories. He should have had more screen time I tell ya.

Also, I am an Atheist. I'm sorry if that offends anyone. Just please respect that if you talk to me. I'll be respectful to you and your beliefs, just please don't try to push them on me. Thank you.


<B>Art trades:</B> (Please?)

1. Chosen - Fursona (not done yet. Sorry T_T )
2. Scene - Fursona (Have to redo the tail)
3. Vampire~Cub - Danube (Working on, will try to get done soon)
4. Wildatheart - Fursona (Not drawn yet)
5. Open

<B>Requests:</B> (Pretty please?)

1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
4. Open
5. Open

Rules about trades and requests:

It's not bad, trust me. I'm a nice person. If people have known me for a long time they'd know that. Anyway, they are simple rules.

Patience please. This a big one. As we all know Logan is three months old, and he still takes a good bit of my time. But I will get to requests and trades when I can.

No wings (I can't draw them that well, and I don't want you to hate the drawing)

No really bright colors (I can deal with some, but some are too bright for me.)

Trade rule? Don't say you'll do a trade with me then not do it... it just hurts my feelings that everyone has 3 or 10 trades and I have none or maybe 2. I have a heart... This is a big one, but not as major as patience. I don't want my friends and other people to be mad at me.

On topic only. I won't draw tigers, jaguars, or anything that doesn't live in Africa. Big cats, Ethiopian wolves, and African fox species are fine. But no red foxes or gray wolves. Thanks.

<b>To do:</b>


Get Auto Approval (Yay! Thank you Brian)

Place first in random contest on site (Yep)

Reach 50 fans (Next the ever elusive 100)

Finally got 200 pics.

Got over 50 popular pictures. Yay!

Get more than 3 comments on a picture. (Finally got 7 comments)

Get respect as an artist


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Just your average 31 year old TLK fan with really bad self esteem issues... which aren't being resolved right now.

I will take requests and trades, I need something to do when I'm not working right? And there will be surprise in February, but I'll get to that ^_^

Nov. 25, 2010
Edit:Gah...Sumi I would just like to apologise in the long delay for your gift. I do have it up on my computer file at home, I'm just so busy with university that I haven't had time to complete it and give it to you, although now that time has passed, i'll probably have to update it and include Logan's character instead. Again, mass apology, I definetly haven't forgotten, it's just taken much longer than I thought.

Aug. 14, 2010
I CARE! I care very much about you and your beautiful little son. Ohmygod he's cute :D

May 30, 2010
Hey, I'm leaving the archive. (Don't ask.) I do want to finish our trade, though. Could you tell me which character you want me to draw soon? So I can get started.

April 29, 2010
Wow, your art is awesome! :D

I love how you draw, it's really neat!

By the way, I heard your baby Logan was born on my birthday! That's awesome! ~congrats Mommy!

April 8, 2010
Happy Mushroom
hay sumi i was woundering hoe much longer is your part of the art rade gonna be cuz i really wanna see it :)

March 23, 2010
Hey! you win! Request away and I'll do a character sheet for ya! :D

edit: Probably should has read this a while ago XP sorry. I'll get right on that character sheet for you!

March 11, 2010
Hi again Sumi! I was wondering if you could do my sona Gabby? That would be awesome if you could! :) Thank you and I hope that your baby is doing fine! :)

Feb. 17, 2010
congratulations on your baby boy :)hope you both are well :)

Feb. 17, 2010
Lil Cheetah
Congratulations on your new arrival, sweetheart. I hope everything goes well :)

Feb. 17, 2010
Hiya Sumi!
You have a really nice gallery :)
I like your art ^.^

Edit: Saw your bulletin! Congratulations on your baby ^.^ I'm happy for you (even if I don't really know you ^^") Hope you be very happy with him ^__^

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